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Wonderland requires vision, may I present: Project CLAW.
- The Strategist to Trey Stone

Project CLAW is a new type of drone swarm program that is developed by Skell Technology, though forcibly made by CEO of Sentinel Corporation, Trey Stone.


The CLAW project is funded by Michael Lomax's connection to the US defense committee, which in turn allows him to use US tax payer money back his projects.

So far only one prototype exists on Auroa in the Channels R&D Center. One single operator wearing a specialized headset is able to command swarms of drones with a unique type of communication algorithm. The algorithm is trained with the use of forced subjects, who seem to be adept at military tactics, such as special forces operators.

The headset sends a signal of the operator's commands to a group of relays, which then transmit it to the drones. It is unknown how these drones would work in a large scale battlefield considering the only tests were conducted in a very limited environment and the relays are stationary installed within the test platform at the R&D center.


Sam Fisher is deployed to Auroa alongside his friend Victor Coste, under the guise of Operation Checkmate working for the latter's private security company, Paladin 9 about a few months before Operation: Citadel happened. While Victor is ostensibly working alongside Sentinel to provide logistical support, the duo are actually investigating the kidnappings of military specialists that are traced back to an individual on the island known as "The Strategist". Sam and Nomad decide to team up when it is discovered that Midas is alive and is being held by the Strategist for a top-secret program known as Project CLAW; an artificial intelligence hive mind that enables human-controlled drone swarms that can be used for military applications.

After making contact with and enlisting the help of system analyst Hollie Mackenzie, entomologist Willem Van Dyke, patent legal adviser Stephanie Burgess, the project's former Head of VIP security detail Karel Sekulic and former U.S. Army General Reggie Paxton, Nomad and Sam discover that The Strategist is actually Leon Fairrow, a billionaire industrialist and head of weapons manufacturing conglomerate Lomax-Fairrow Industries. Both Fairrow and his co-founding partner, Republican Senator Michael Lomax, are part of a conspiracy that involves high-ranking members of various U.S. government agencies and private development firms to create the drones.

Fearing that Fairrow was not reliable and concerned about the kidnappings, the CIA and the Department of Defense had asked Fourth Echelon to investigate. After infiltrating Project CLAW's research facility and facing off against an array of drones, Fisher and Nomad manage to capture Fairrow and rescue Midas, who is evacuated few hours later to Erewhon to recover with Holt. Meanwhile, using a short window provided by Mackenzie in the drone swarm that is protecting the island, Fisher and Coste manage to evacuate on board the C-147B Paladin with Fairrow in-tow and force him to testify before Congress; in the hopes that his testimony will convince them to officially launch a US military invasion of Auroa to remove Sentinel from the archipelago.

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