Raven's Rock is a Russian ultra-nationalist organization that was active in the near future.

History[edit | edit source]

Raven's Rock began as the Russian Spetsnaz unit. Overtime, the unit went rogue and began to enter into the business of weapons trafficking. As a group of nationalistic and influential politicians, soldiers and weapon dealers.

Using wealth they obtained from their illegal arms sells, Raven's Rock grew in strength and numbers to the point of having their own elite army and gained a portion of the Russian military to their side. Their main goal was to seize power and establish an ultra-nationalist government in Russia.

Being a shadowy organization for a long period of time, their extensive weapons trafficking operations and world destabilization was noted by the N.U.T.D.

In Operation Silent Spade during Operation Kingslayer in 2019 before becoming Raven's Rock, Lieutenant Colonel Scott Mitchell and John Kozak (new recruit) were sent into Media Luna province to La Unidad's M.O.B. Condor base to gather intelligence on the cartel and Unidad activities, as Washington had suspected them working with the Russian ultra-nationalists. Kozak found out that Unidad had been shipping uranium found beneath Bolivia's mines to the Russians. A Ghost Lead named Anthony Perryman was sent in to help Kozak stop the shipments from reaching their destination.

BASE jumping to the Unidad base, Nomad and his team alongside Kozak made their way to a Russian pilot who was wearing the Raven's Rock logo on his flight suit and gave them access to his UH-60 Black Hawk that was carrying the uranium cargo with Kozak protesting Nomad's rough treatment of the pilot, suggesting he could have interrogated him due to him able to speak Russian.

In 2024, Hunter Team from Ghost Recon was sent after them and crippled their plans to maintain their power in the Moscow Kremlin, and all remaining leaders of Raven's Rock were quickly hunted in Archangels'k Oblast and systematically executed by Hunter, putting an end to the organization's existence.

Although Raven's Rock was presumed disbanded, during Operation Greenstone in 2025 the leader of the renewed Raven's Rock Pyotr Bukharov (son of Vitaly Bukharov) and his agents: Bodark are spotted on Auroa, working with Trey Stone's PMC Sentinel and the Wolves.

Raven's Rock was one of the suspects in the theft of ATHENA Corp. information, but it was the new enemy of the Ghosts: the Phantoms.

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