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The Raven's Rock coup in an attempt made by the russian ultranationalist organisation Raven's Rock to ovethrow the russian governement and seize power, but their attempt ended in failure due to the intervention of the Ghost Recon.


Disaster in Nicaragua

Somewhere in Nicaragua a suspicious military convoy rolls north. The convoy’s cargo and destination remain unknown, piquing the interest and concern of US high command. The four-man Ghost Predator Team of Ramirez, Allen, McGann, and Haynes are tasked with stopping the convoy and inspecting the cargo. Facing stiff opposition from the convoy’s security personnel, the Ghosts have setup an ambush along a remote dirt road carved alongside a steep cliff. They start by eliminating a few of the convoy’s drivers, resulting in chaos on the road as trucks crash and overturn.

After clearing the convoy of hostiles, the Ghosts inspecting the contents of one of the trucks. Inside, they find a crate containing a large warhead, perhaps from a missile. Suddenly the ringing of a cellphone gets the team's attention - the warhead is rigged to explode. Realizing the danger, the Ghosts scramble, sprinting away from the truck. But it was too late. Ramirez, Allen, McGann and Haynes are all caught within the warhead's massive blast radius. While they managed to stop the convoy from reaching the US, they sacrificed their lives in the process.

Tracking down the source

After the retrieval of Predator Team's bodies, Hunter Team is sent to Bolivia to apprehend the arms dealers who sent the convoy, Gabriel Paez. Paez quickly realized that after such a failure, his associates would want his head, and decided to surrender to the Americans, seeking protection in exchange for his information. Despite being engaged by the local cartel thugs, Hunter succeeds in extracting Paez, who tells them that the convoy was part of a larger shipment that came from Zambia.

The Ghosts are then deployed in Africa, in order to locate and eliminate Dede Macaba, an Angolan warlord and arms dealer who took control of a refugee camp. After they learn that another shipment is due to depart soon by aircraft, the Ghosts manage to shoot down the plane and recover its black box. They are then redirected to Nigeria at the request of the CIA, who has lost an operative named Daniel Sykes. Until his capture, Sykes was spying a private military company, Watchgate, who is deeply involved in the arms trafficking in the region and who is extremely well equipped, with Mi-24 Hind amongst others.

Despite a fierce opposition, Hunter team is able to liberate Sykes and recover his intel, which leads them to Peshawar, Pakistan, and their next target: Katya Prugova, former Russian intelligence and the arms dealer who sold the bomb in the first place. Learning that she has a meeting with a buyer, the Ghosts work with the ISI to capture Prugova, but the ISI tries to double-cross them by trying to capture Prugova themselves. However, the Ghost manages to prevent her from escaping to Afghanistan and to capture her.

Discovering Raven's Rock

After interrogation, Prugova reveals that she is working for Raven's Rock, an ultranationalist organization deeply rooted in Russia and composed of politicians, arms dealers, and Russian military leaders. They use a disused weather station in Kola Peninsula as weapons storage. After infiltrating the compound, the Ghosts realize that Raven's Rock represents a much more dangerous threat than anticipated, selling top-grade military hardware, such as ballistic missile navigation system. Hunter Team is then redeployed in the Oblast of Kaliningrad to intercept the selling of such a navigation system, but is forced to detonate a bomb to cause the aircraft transporting the nav system to crash, causing an international incident.

A few hours later, Raven's takes everyone by surprise by launching a nuclear missile against London, but the missile is intercepted by the American Anti-Ballistic Missile Shield; however, the chaos and the damages inflicted on the City are significant. The missile's trajectory leads Hunter team to Dagestan in South Russia, where Georgian Spec-Ops Team Zamtari (under Sergeant Osadze's command) is reported missing. Hunter is able to make radio contact with Osadze, but he's captured by Russian forces. Hunter is able to free him, but on their way to the extraction point, the Ghost are ambushed by the Bodark, a Spetsnaz elite unit under Raven's Rock command.

Coup in Russia

While Hunter returns to base after the successful extraction of the Georgians, Raven's Rock launches its coup and manage to capture President Volodin; appointing Sergey Makhmudov as the new President of Russia and General Mikhail Bukharov as the Chief of the General Staff. The loyalists are able to mount a resistance, but they are scattered and disorganized. In order to secure their hold on the country, Raven's Rock has two major objectives: secure two oil refinery ships to prevent loyalists to supply their forces and eliminate the loyalist military leadership, namely:

  • General of the Army Yuri Kozlov, loyalist Chief of the General Staff, who could provide a unified loyalist command.
  • General Alexei Douka, who could reorganize loyalist forces on the field.

But Raven's Rock plans where thwarted by Hunter team, who manages to secure the ships, extract Kozlov and prevent ultranationalist forces to encircle Douka's forces. Furthermore, a lone Ghost operative is able to break President Volodin out of prison, providing the Loyalists with the political leadership and legitimacy they lacked. With a unified command, the Loyalists march to Moscow, whose people start manifesting against Raven's Rock. The ultranationalists plan to make their last stand by using snipers to assassinate Volodin (who is supposed to make a speech during the manifestation) to remove the political leadership and legitimacy of the Loyalists. However, the Ghost eliminate the snipers and assassinate General Bukharov, disorganizing ultranationalist command and ensuring Loyalists' victory.


While President Volodin is reestablishing a government and General Douka is hunting down the last ultranationalists resistance pockets, some members of Raven's Rock attempt to steal classified data from the Ministry of Defense, but are killed by the Ghosts, who manage to recover the data.

With Volodin's return to presidency, the remnants of Raven's Rock leadership agree on a last meeting before disappearing once for all. However, Hunter Team hears about this meeting and decide to use this last chance to eradicate Raven's Rock for good. They manage to kill six leaders before pursuing the last one, codenamed "Ace". However, despite being able to catch him and wound him, pinning him on a rail track, they are ordered not to touch him. But when a train conveniently arrive on the track, the Ghosts leave him to his fate, and the last leader is killed by the train, effectively terminating Raven's Rock.


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