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The Riflemen are the versatile soldiers that do everything well, and their weapons reflect that. A Rifleman's weapon has a medium range (placing it between a Marksman's and Gunner's weapon) and is easily wielded, making it perfect for close encounters with enemy resistance.

Known Riflemen:


Riflemen Weapons
M4 Carbine (GR2).png
M4 Carbine
This is the standard-issue weapon of the U.S. Special Forces. It is average in accuracy and firepower and is useful both in the field and in close quarters.
M4 Scoped (GR2).png
M4 Scoped
This M4 features an advanced combat optic. It is slightly slower to aim than the regular carbine but has a 4x magnification.
M8 Carbine (GR2).png
M8 Carbine
The M8 carbine is the most advanced rifle available to the infantry. Made of advanced materials, it is quick to aim and very accurate.