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Lucile "Rosebud" Keller,  is one of the 4 lieutenants under the command of the Wolves leader Cole D. Walker.


Rosebud is a South Carolina country girl from a family of soldiers. She moved around a bit with her family when she was young, but her father retired from the United States Army at the ten-year mark. After that, he started taking military contracts, setting the example for his daughter. She has an older brother, Bob James Keller. Formerly a team leader in the 101st Airborne Division, Bob lost his left leg, mid-shin, during a deployment to Afghanistan.

Professional Career

Rosebud dreamed of being a Ranger, but when she enlisted at 18, there were no spots available for women in Ranger Battalion, so she enlisted in the 82nd ABN. Supposedly as a joke, her command allowed her to attend sniper school, believing she would fail colossally. Rosebud shocked everyone by breaking every shooting record that existed. On her first deployment, she scored a cold-bore, first round hit at 3600 meters, making it the longest first round kill on record. This action caught the attention of a number of different organizations within the United States Department of Defense, and a few outside of it; in particular a CIA liaison closely associated with Peter Miles and Cole D. Walker. Halfway through her second combat tour, she was approached directly by Walker, and within 24 hours, was permanently reassigned. She has been with the former Colonel and the Wolves ever since. Being a woman in a world of men, she's learned to exploit her strengths, turning herself into a consummate warrior, strong enough to terrify any soldier on the battlefield.


Known for being an excellent shot and patient in the blind, Rosebud also has a reputation for cutting loose when she's off the clock. This leaves her co-workers divided on how much they can trust her; she has never failed on a mission, however.


She considers the other Wolves like her family. She does not date coworkers. The other Hunters treat her like a younger sister, which she does not mind, especially when she needs a ride home from a bar.


When Nomad rescues Jace Skell, Rosebud is seen armed with a SIG516. Later, when she is encountered a second and last time, she is armed with a Zastava M93 sniper rifle and a P320 for close range.

In the in-game art for the enemy difficulty levels, Rosebud is seen armed with a Victrix Scorpio, while in other trailers and promotional material, she is mostly seen armed with a fully customized MK14.

Breakpoint Missions



  • Her blood type is B positive.
  • She has a Steiner Vision night-vision device on her helmet.
  • When the Ghosts get near her, she would replace her Zastava M93 and uses a handgun as her secondary weapon.