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The Surface to Air Missile launcher shoots down any aircraft used by the Ghosts. They are usually present in UNIDAD bases, especially in Media Luna province. Santa Blanca sometimes have them in a few bases around Bolivia.

They make an appearance in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint and can now be shut down without blowing the launcher up and alerting nearby hostiles.


The Launcher is fitted with a radar, so is probably active radar guided. Their appearance is probably inspired by the SA-19 Grison (2K22 Tunghuska), albeit a fixed version, without the cannons and with an additional pair of launchers by each side. These SAM Launchers are designed for firing automatically without human input. The SAMs are operated by AI because they are designed to fire at slow moving targets like the ones used extensively in the game and not fast moving military aircraft. Their main targets may also be drug planes from the cartel. A large quantity of crashed planes can be seen in this game, hinting at their use against drug planes.

How to Avoid

The game advises players to fly low to avoid detection. However this can only be achieved when the aircraft is about 20 meters or less above the ground. A good tactic is to shift laterally before the missile hit (this is best done with the AH-1W Super Cobra), but it is not easy to master.

Before stealing an aircraft from a UNIDAD base, destroy each SAM with a C4 (detonate exactly at same time of takeoff, for avoiding a UNIDAD alert) or shut down any generators inside each base.


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