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For a assault rifle version, see SIG556.
Overview G.R.A.W.

The SG-556 Sniper is a sniper rifle based on the SG-556 rifle. It is also known as the SSG-556 or Sharfschützengewehr 556. The SG-556 Sniper is fitted with a longer and heavier barrel which is not fitted with a flash hider. Other adaptations include high quality optics, an adjustable stock, lack of iron sights, adjustable bipod, two stage trigger unit, lack of selective fire, an ergonomic pistol grip and a mirage band. The SG-556 Sniper is one of the very few sniper rifles chambered for the 5.56x45mm round and can be considered the best in its class. The 5.56mm round lack lethality, but allows for very fast follow up shots due to its limited recoil. Due to limited demand for 5.56mm sniper rifles the SG-556 Sniper is no longer in production.