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The AN/PEQ-1 also known as a Special Operations Forces Laser Acquisition Marker (SOFLAM) is a U.S. military laser designator designed for use by special operations forces, under more rugged field conditions. The United States Army began to take delivery of 296 units in May, 1996. It is capable to locate and designate critical enemy targets for destruction using laser guided ordnance.

These man-portable devices fire a laser beam at a target causing a reflection that a suitably equipped aircraft or missile sensor can detect. Bouncing such a beam off a target is known as 'painting the target'.

Laser target designators can be used as a range finding device and so are also used by artillery spotters.

Role in Ghost Recon

The SOFLAM allows you to designate a target for artillery strike. Which is used by Captain Scott Mitchell in his Lone Wolf missions during the First Korean war and Kazakhstan conflict.


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