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The SR-25 is a sniper rifle of US origin. It was designed in the early 1990's by the US based Knights Armament Company. The SR-25 is known for its accuracy and it is easy to use by those accustomed to M16 type rifles.

The SR-25 is an M16 chambered in the 7.62x51mm round and in effect is a heavily modified Stoner AR-10. The direct impingement system allows for good accuracy and all versions are fitted with free floating heavy match barrels. A Picatinny sight rail is fitted on all versions and late production models feature a quad rail forearm for mount accessories.

The SR-25 is a semi-automatic rifle that fires the 7.62x51mm NATO round from 10 or 20 round magazines. With proper ammunition sub MOA accuracy can be achieved. The effective range is quoted to be over 800 meters.