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Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD) is a gas-operated, semi-automatic weapon. It uses short-stroke gas piston located above the barrel, and gas chamber has a two-position manual gas regulator. Barrel is locked by rotating bolt with three lugs. Receiver is machined from steel block. The safety is somewhat reminiscent in its appearance tothat of Kalashnikov AK assault rifle, although internal design of the trigger unit is different, and there’s no provisions for full automatic fire. Trigger unit is assembled on a separate removable base that also incorporates a trigger guard. The second, smaller lever, located on the right side of receiver behind the safety, is a receiver cover catch, which is used to disassemble the gun. Standard furniture includes a skeletonized wooden butt and a removable wooden handguard. Late production models feature polymer handguards and polymer skeletonized butt. The short SVDS rifle is fitted withseparate pistol grip, made of plastic, and a side-folding metallicbutt. All SVD type rifles are eqquipped with adjustable ironsights as a back-up measure. SVD and SVDS rifles have proprietary side rail mount on the receiver, which will accept telescopic or IR sights on quick-detachable mounts. Standard telescope sight for SVD and SVDS is the 4X fixed magnification PSO-1 with range-finding reticle.

Waziristan (2009)

During the mission at the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, Diaz toting along her suppressed SVD instead of a silenced SR-25 or some of the other rifles she preferred. She provided cover and took out the patrolling guards using it.