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San Mateo is a Bolivian province under the control of El Pozolero. It has been transformed into a bunch of prisons, which were formerly villages, by the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel.

San Mateo is described as:
Formely a rural province, now a prisoner camp.

It is surrounded by Media Luna in the north, P.N. De Agua Verde to the east, Remanzo and Montuyoc to the west and Itacua from the south.

The following missions take place in San Mateo:


San Mateo consists of several canyons located at the foot of the eastern mountains. Due to heavy rains, the vegetation is lush. The economy is based on coffee growing and cattle breeding.

The village of Rosario is the capital of San Mateo. It is also the center of the coffee culture.

This peaceful province was spared by the Santa Blanca. When the rebellion began to manifest in the province of Itacua, residents of San Mateo contacted by emissaries agreed to help it. Wounded people were brought into Rosario for treatment, while food was sent to Itacua

La Plaga discovered the complicity of the inhabitants of San Mateo. To end it, he occupied the province. Rosario became a jail village. Barbed-wire fences were laid around Rosario. Some sicarios at the entrance of the town watched the comings and goings.

In a maze of narrow canyons, the sicarios captured fleeing villagers. La Plaga got these gorges transformed into a prison in the open air. There are held all residents of San Mateo suspected of complicity with the rebellion. Many other prisoners were sent from other provinces to this jail.

Finally, on the border with Itacua, La Plaga built a wall intended to prohibit any infiltration of the Rebellion to San Mateo. In the base built by the cartel in the north of the province, El Pozolero is the most feared person. He's in charge of making the bodies of civilians disappear.

The people of San Mateo hope for one thing: a victory of the rebellion.