Sand Mine

Sand Mine.png

You get a taste of the desert with this map. Three-quarters of the map is covered in sand, and the sand dunes provide cover and vantage points if you're brave enough to climb to the top and wave your gun around. There are plenty of vehicles to use as cover, but the map's middle is open, so cross it with a game plan in mind. If you advance from the south, you have many more obstacles to duck behind, including the three large sand dunes overlooking the open sand to the north. Watch for enemies running full speed along the roads.

Take the high ground, but not too high. Stopping just as you can see over a dune can give you a good view, and still only present a small target. Watch out, though; you are a dark color against light tan sand, so enemies can spot you quickly as well.

The excavating equipment makes great cover points, so don't stop moving. Quick dashes to cover can be your best friend on this map.

The best cover spot on the map is in the yard in the southeast corner. You have four buildings to set up behind in the yard, three trucks on the road if you head to the northwest, and a separate trailer park nearby to the northeast.


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