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The Second Korean War is a 2011 North Korean-instigated war. General Jung Chong-Sun was defeated by Ghost Recon and NATO forces.


In 2011, North Korea faced a disastrous famine and political turmoil. The government had invested too much into its military buildup and it has become impossible to preserve both the military and North Korea's infrastructure, so in an attempt to curb the damage done by the famine, the government cuts off military funding so that it may support the needs of the people. Infuriated, the North Korean military mobilizes against its government, and its leader is the brutal and charismatic General Jung Chong-Sun. General Jung succeeds in overpowering the government, and although they remain in office, Jung has almost total control of his country. With total control over the military, Jung gains access to the country's nuclear arsenal, and makes preparations to start a war among the surrounding Asian powers.

The War

This prompts NATO and the United States to send a large peacekeeping force to shut down Jung's operations before he destabilizes the Korean Peninsula. Great Britain, France, and Germany all openly cooperate with the U.S. The Ghosts are among the American contingent sent to stop Jung, and Captain Scott Mitchell heads their operations. This small team of men and women cooperates with NATO forces along enemy lines to liberate villages, cut off Jung's supplies, and to seize nuclear weapons. Throughout the war, General Jung seizes several civilian centers and attacks some of North Korea's largest cities, such as Sinp'o and Hyesan. Working actively with Allies, the Ghosts cut off Jung's supply of gas in order to deprive their combat vehicles of fuel. With each strike, Jung gets more desperate in winning the war, and in one mission, the Ghosts have to seize three nuclear warheads from a train before they reach civilian-populated areas. Within the final stages of the war, General Jung launches a last-ditch effort to defeat the NATO forces and to destroy a major city. He invades a dam near Hamhung, and plants a nuclear warhead within the structure. If detonated, thousands would die, so the Ghosts and Capt. Mitchell are tasked with securing the dam, disarming the warhead, and pursuing General Jung before he flees to regroup his forces. The Ghosts destroy his helicopter before he can detonate the warhead, and the war ends.