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Sentinel Corporation Security Services, or Sentinel Corp. or Sentinel, is a private military company that appeared during the events of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Initially contracted by Skell Tech to augment its limited security force in response to Outcast attacks, the company eventually took over the island with assistance from Skell's former military adviser, Cole D. Walker. Enforcing martial law onto the populace, Sentinel began conducting experiments on the population and kidnapped military specialists in an effort to pursue the "Wonderland" project. However, their actions soon attracted the attention of the United States government, whom eventually deployed Ghost Recon units following the sinking of the USS Seay. This resulted in the crippling of Sentinel operations on the island as the Wonderland and CLAW projects were terminated owing to the surviving Ghost personnel.

Eventually, after attempting to launch a chemical attack on the United States, Sentinel CEO Trey Stone was killed by Ghost operator Nomad.


Founded by Trey Stone sometime after departing from the army, Sentinel expanded rapidly as Stone utilized his connections, eventually securing an abandoned Soviet military base in Kazakhstan. Recruiting former special forces soldiers globally, Sentinel soon expanded further, with Stone personally recruiting individuals such as Ilsa Herzog and Ian Blake into its ranks. By the 2020's, the company had conducted operations in nearly every single continent excluding North America.

Eventually, Leon Fairrow, with backing from his fellow conspirators approached Stone, contracting his company with Project CLAW. Readily accepting, Sentinel units began kidnapping military specialists. With the assistance of Senator Michael Lomax, Sentinel secured a wide variety of contracts from the United States military, operating in regions such as Africa and the Middle East during which they gained an infamous reputation for their brutality. Despite this, they were nevertheless effective in their operations.

In 2025, shortly after a devastating explosion at the Skell Foundation head office in the Auroa archipelago that resulted in the deaths of several employees, Skell Tech contracted Sentinel at the advice of their then military advisor, Cole D. Walker. Initially serving to augment the local security force and hunt down Outcast members, Sentinel began quietly amassing thousands of troops within the abandoned US military bases throughout the island. During this period, Fairrow and Stone began expanding Project CLAW, with Lomax and Fairrow both funneling massive amounts of funding to Sentinel as they began quietly expanding their reach island wide. Owing to their recommendation provided, Walker's Wolves and Sentinel forces began actively co-operating with each other, plotting to overthrow Skell and establish martial law on the island.

Accusing Skell of collaborating with the Outcasts, Sentinel forces launched a coup, forcing Jace Skell into hiding as he fled. Appointing Ayana Puri to head Skell, Stone and Walker began aggressively enforcing martial law throughout the island, including dissolving the island's parliament and limiting civilian movement. With discontent and anger brewing among the population, Sentinel forces began randomly detaining civilians, often conducting night-time raids against suspected Outcast sympathizers. This culminated in executions becoming commonplace, which largely succeeded in reining in further discontent.

Having secured the archipelago, Sentinel and the Wolves initiated a communications blackout. Owing to the sizeable R&D projects that the United States military contracted Skell Tech, the US Navy deployed the USS Seay, which mysteriously sunk off the coast of the island. Having been manipulated by Wonderland and Project CLAW conspirators, the President authorized the deployment of Ghost Recon to the island, in an effort to investigate and discover the cause of the sinking. Alerted well-ahead of their arrival, Sentinel forces began deploying drone swarms to patrol the perimeter.

As the USS Wasp arrived to the archipelago, the Ghost Recon platoon was ambushed by the drone swarm and subsequently slaughtered by Wolves investigating the crash sites. Despite eliminating a vast portion of the initial strike force, Ghost commander Nomad survived the crash, and reunited with several other survivors in Erewhon. Amongst the crash site survivors, Sentinel forces successfully captured Ghost operator Midas and forcibly inducted him into Project CLAW.

Articles of Martial Law

While they are guarding Auroa under martial law, Sentinel created 7 articles for the local inhabitants to follow.

Article 1

Article 2

  • The Population without any tasks must stay in their residence or city.
  • Citizens with a task delivered by Sentinel Corp. must accomplish this task.
  • Everybody will be paid during the martial law, having a task or no task doesn't matter.
  • Your stock options aren't affected by the martial law. However you could operate them only after the end of martial law.

Article 3

  • It's forbidden to travel in the wild. All people discovered in the wild by a Sentinel Corp. patrol will be arrested.
  • If you need to travel to accomplish your task, Sentinel vehicles will carry you to your workplace.
  • If your task is in the wild, you will be escorted by Sentinel members.
  • All the autonomous vehicles (car, flyer & boat) have been deactivated until the end of the martial law. If you need to move for a medical issue you can ask to be moved by Sentinel Corp.

Article 4

  • All people must present their ID card when a Sentinel member asks for it. Sentinel Corp. members can enter any home at any time to investigate.
  • All people must collaborate with Sentinel. A refusal will be sanctioned.
  • All suspect activity must be signaled asap on our application.
  • Helping to identify or capture an outcast is rewarded with 50000 Skreds. Helping to localize J. Skell is rewarded with 1000000 Skreds.

Article 5

  • Any people helping the Outcasts will be arrested and punished (at least 3 months of jail and on a fine of 100000 Skreds)
  • Any use of violence against the members of Sentinel Corp. will cause the use of similar violence, at least.

Article 6

  • Sentinel Corp. members can freely their fire weapons in residences and cities to fight the Outcasts. All the archipelago is a free fire zone for the Sentinel Corp. members.
  • In case of an operation in your residence, the panels will inform you. Stay prone until the end of this operation.

Article 7

  • All communications with the rest of the world are blocked during martial law.
  • If you need to communicate with your family outside the archipelago, you can use the online form on our website.
  • All travel outside the Archipelago is forbidden during the lockdown.

Personnel Archetypes

Personnel Notes
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Breakpoint2019-11-20-10-55-19.jpg
- Armed with a handgun, but will attempt to flee should things go south.
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Breakpoint2019-11-20-0-28-25.jpg
- Equipped for CQB engagements; deployed with flash grenades and a shotgun.
Commander - Possesses the same load-out as riflemen, but provides nearby personnel a small buff.
- Killing them will result in enemy personnel panicking and becoming less combat efficient.
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Breakpoint2019-11-20-3-31-6.jpg
Drone Operator
- Drone Operators are armed with assault rifles and two WASP drones.
- Keeps the second in reserve should the first be destroyed.
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Breakpoint2019-11-20-2-23-40.jpg
- Equipped with a high level of armor and minigun.
Heavy Hitters - A tougher version of the Heavy? TBD.
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Breakpoint2019-11-20-9-40-15.jpg
Radio Operator
- Also known as Callers, responsible for calling reinforcements upon detecting hostiles.
- Killing them is a priority to avoid additional enemies closing in.
- Deployed with the same load-out as riflemen.
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Breakpoint2019-11-20-2-3-22.jpg
- Riflemen are the basic Sentinel units.
- Each of them is armed with assault rifle and are deployed just about everywhere.
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Breakpoint2019-11-20-8-8-11.jpg
Rocket Gunner
- Fielded in the role to defeat armor, this unit also challenges the player at long distances, forcing the player to stay on the move with explosive attacks that can have a cascade effect.
- The rocket backpack is the weak point, where upon being shot will result in it exploding.
- Prefer vantage points on top of buildings.
- Equipped with a pistol as backup.
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Breakpoint2019-11-11-23-51-29.jpg

- Equipped with long-range rifles, utilizing roof tops, watch towers, and other high ground to overwatch an area.

- Equiped with a pistol as backup.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Breakpoint2019-11-20-9-6-39.jpg
Support Unit
- Deployed with the same load-out as riflemen, but killing them can provide more worth-while loot.
Wasp - Small aerial drone used for close combat, armed with a handgun slung upside down with a mechanical firing mechanism.


  • During the hours of darkness, Sentinel contractors will automatically turn on a flashlight on their left shoulder to help them see in the dark even though most manned locations on Aurora already have various light sources.
    • Despite this, contractors will utter voice lines in which they complain about the darkness hindering their ability to see.
  • Despite Skell Tech producing dedicated combat drones, Sentinel is attempting to weaponizing Skell's existing civilian models such as the Skell-Farmer and Skell-Pollinator, the latter of which was re-made into the fearsome Legion drone.
  • Certain voice lines uttered during combat indicate that Sentinel contractors receive a bonus payment in an unspecified currency for confirmed kills ("Bonus to whoever kills the bastard!"; "Go for the head, easiest way to make a couple of grand!"; "Twenty grand for his scalp!"; "Whoever ends this asshole gets a fat bonus!"). It is not clear whether these bonuses constitute a general policy or a policy that applies specifically to the surviving Ghost operators on Aurora.
  • In Operation Amber Ruin, Sentinel’s surviving Commanders in charge of the Gas deals wear a Blue Beret instead of a Red one
  • If they are moving around, there is a chance that you'll hear one say something like "Heads up we are Oscar Mike".