SKELL TECHNOLOGY A.K.A. Skell Tech is a blue chip company founded in 1997 by Jace Skell (AKA Skell Tech's Chief Executive Officer) that makes the many tip of the spear hardware and software not just for civilians but also military personnel (such as the Ghosts' 2019 drone models used in Bolivia), Fourth Echelon (Matchwood mentioned it's a sensitive high-technology research and development) and Rainbow (Twitch's shock drone). Lieutenant Colonel Mitchell commented it even made a prototype optical camouflage tech for Kozak during Operation Silent Spade to do some field tests. Which during Operation Kingslayer, the Ghosts got Skell Tech's Heatmap for better navigation. Yet one of its employees Daniel Rodriguez Arellano gone missing during Operation Oracle, yet later turns out the situation in Operation Oracle: Suspicion isn't what it seems and Walker killed him with his D50 because Daniel weaponized a drone that killed his teammates Jeffery K. Griffin and Alejandro J. Sanchez.

And Skell created then owned his own Silicon Valley Auroa on an island somewhere at the South Pacific and near the South Pole. From 2011, his island was completed in 2016 and in 2019 started inviting his 10000 employees (including their families) to live on it.

Skell's mission is to make a world a better place. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions when faced with mounting evidence that its products are falling into the hands of corrupt regimes, starts coming under increased scrutiny.

When they are implicated in a political assassination, the United States government decides to investigate further only for Auroa to cut itself off from the outside world and no way of contacting Skell. Yet they don't know it was a splinter group of Ghost operators known as the Wolves taken over the island and let those regimes and nefarious forces wrecking havoc across the globe. As a result Mitchell sends in 32 men & women of the four Ghost teams under the leadership of Nomad for a reconnaissance operation and if possible, secure the archipelago and extract Skell. However the Operation Greenstone, the Wolves used drone swarms to attack the Ghosts 4 helicopters that are getting to the island. As a result all helicopters crashed on the island.





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  • The website's about the Ghost's drone PDF file username and password are epichon (USERNAME) and 15034 (PASSWORD).
  • The website's video with its founder describing Civilian Drone Catalog has another username and password. The username asantos is founded in a notebook on a desk[next to the Sky Cherubim drone] located in the comm building's first floor inside Unidad's M.O.B. Condor base Media Luna province. There is a business card from Skell's R&D Technical Director Daniel Rodriguez Arellano with a quote on top "Together, let's change the world" located on a computer desk at the top floor and the handwritten password 10068 on a yellow sticky paper sticked on the computer screen's lower left.
  • With the Special Operation 4 update of the map called the Heatmap made by Skell Tech, there is a personal message from Jace Skell telling Bowman he's eager to hear about the satellite tracking system. That message's username is kbowman and handwritten password on a yellow sticky paper 50478 with the same visit card Daniel used are located on a clipboard of a table in the Monte Punce Bravo safe house. With that, mentions of Project Aurora and a hint to possibly a new mission to come. Few seconds later, Jace remembered one last thing that one of his staff Daniel went off grid in Bolivia, who wanted Bowman and the Ghosts to find him. This is an example to get the details-> Skell Tech Heatmap Easter Egg about Bowman 🞔 No Commentary 🞔 Ghost Recon Wildlands. Or you can read this -> "Miss Bowman, this is Jace Skell. I'm so eager to hear what you think of our satellite tracking system. I will not beat around the bush - if you can find the time to file an evaluation by the end of the week, summing up the successful deployment in Bolivia and our synergetic and successful partnership, I could leverage that into support for the project Aurora. I am convinced that you are satisfied with our tech, and just want to get our agendas aligned. Keep me posted. The future can't wait. Oh, one last thing - one of my staff has gone silent, is off our grid. He's supposed to be in Bolivia. It's probably just a glitch, but if you could ask some of your people to check on him, I'd appreciate it. Please, get back to me."
  • During Operation: Oracle, Nomad's team got word from Bowman, Daniel was captured by Unidad and kept in a secret complex inside an abandoned train tunnel where the door could be activated by an access card. While finding Daniel, Nomad also met with Major Cole D. Walker and extract Daniel out of hot water to prevent Unidad getting American industrial secrets. When the operation ends, the Kingslayer files appeared with Bowman received Jace Skell's official invitation to SKELL CON (which is similar to Comic Con) to join on Auroa on the 9th of May 2019 8:30 PM CET / 11:30 AM PDT. To see the Skell Con website is to get into this website -> WWW.SKELLTECHNOLOGY.COM/SKELLCON
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