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"Socrates" is the codename of a low-level analyst and infiltrator in the Central Intelligence Agency. After the fall of the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel and the arrival of Los Extranjeros, his cover was blown and he was captured by the mercenaries.

After Nomad's Kingslayer Team rescue attempt was discovered during Operation: Fallen Lord, they were shot down. They intercepted radio chatter about Socrates' capture, so they were able to rescue the agent.

At their safehouse, he agreed to use his contacts in order to disrupt and eliminate Los Extranjeros.

He then went on to advise Nomad's team as they fought the mercenary unit.

After the team destabilizes Los Extranjeros by killing the regional commanders, they are able to be evacuated, with Nomad promising the agent a spot on the helicopter.

Behind the scenes[]

Socrates takes Karen Bowman's place as the team's contact in the Fallen Ghosts DLC.