The Cyberdyne Systems Series T-800 Terminators are enemies in the Terminator DLC of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint. They are sent into the past of 2025 Auroa under the command of Skynet to kill Ghost Recon operator Nomad and a member of the Resistance Rasa Aldwin to secure the machine's future of controlling Earth and prevent humans destroy them.

Each terminator is a cybernetic enemy combatant that is resistant to conventional weapons. That means any small arms fire from pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, designated marksman rifles to sniper rifles are just deflected when each round hit each machine. To counter this problem, Rasa made a special weapon for Nomad known as the "MK14 | Termination", that can pierce the T-800s' armor and fry their mainframes. Which will be destroy them. If to temporary slow down the terminators, players can use EMP grenades(from level 1 to 3). If to damage them without that Mk14 model, RAT-4 rocket lauchers, automactic turret machine gun fire, warhead strikes from helicopters, small cannons on APCs and the MGL Terminator are very effective as well. There are some sources said each terminator's secret battery is located in either leg, that even using a pistol can destroy it. Others said they avoided water, might be a bug or vulnerable to Electrical Short Circuit.

There are 2 types of terminators, one have human form with damaged skins while the other just have the skeleton frame body. The human ones are tougher and have to ability to run. While the skeleton ones are weaker and can only walk.

Each basic terminator is armed with a no stock AR-18 assault rifle with the right arm for mid range engagements and a no stock SPAS-12 shotgun with the left arm for close range engagements. Yet there are other models armed with the 6P41 light machine gun that has no scope, a stock and grip pod in its right arm instead of the AR-18. Or SPAS-12 replaced by the full stock with no scope 533 assault rifle.

One sidequest has a T-800 purchasing weapons from a Sentinel squad, in a shout-out to the gun store scene from the first film. When the T-800 makes his "phased plasma rifle" quip, the soldiers figure something is off and asks to confirm his identity, seemingly implying they thought he was a recruit or requisitions officer (somehow the biker jacket didn't tip them off). The T-800 proceeds to mow them all down with the weapons from above.

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The Terminator includes free dedicated missions and a chance to earn new weapons, attachments, vehicles, and customization items. The Terminator event will run for a limited time, and while the story missions will still be playable once it's over, players can only earn its exclusive rewards while it’s active.

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