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The Type 86 is Chinese copy of the Soviet BMP-1.


The Type 86 IFV is given an all-welded steel hull with highly pronounced angles that give full protection from small arms fire and shell splinters, and heavier rounds at the front (light auto-cannons and heavy MGs) although at the front it is assumed to be proof against 12.7mm AP/API rounds, the slope makes it artificially thicker. The driver is located front left, with a single-piece hatch. The commander is seated behind, with a peripheral vision rotatable cupola and three day periscopes and an infra-red searchlight is mounted on the commander’s cupola and controlled from inside the vehicle. In fact, infra-red night vision equipment is available for the commander, driver and gunner.

The rear troop compartment contains eight infantrymen seated back-to-back which can exit through two rear doors which integrate fuel tanks (60 & 70 liters), a day vision device and a firing port. Four roof hatches, on each side can be also hinged in the center and locked vertically to fire standing on the move with some protection. Otherwise, troops are also given six firing ports each side plus four heated day periscopes on the roof for aiming. The WZ505 receive an NBC system, automatic fire extinguishers, and most are also given smoke dischargers (2×3 or 2×4). In addition, all can use the standard Soviet exhaust manifold diesel injection system to create a massive smoke.

Role in Ghost Recon 2

The T86 IFV was used by North Korean army.


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