Ghost Recon Wiki
Classes Description
Rifleman GR2.png
The Riflemen are the versatile soldiers that do everything well, and their weapons reflect that. A Rifleman's weapon has a medium range (placing it between a Marksman's and Gunner's weapon) and is easily wielded, making it perfect for close encounters with enemy resistance.
Grenadier GR2.png
When you want a little more firepower than a standard soldier, strap on some extra grenades, courtesy of the Grenadier. You lack the speed of a Rifleman's weapon and the range of a Marksman's weapon, and though you don't carry as many bullets as a gunner, you can probably inflict more damage with your explosives.
Gunner GR2.png
When you want lots of support fire, call on the Gunner. The Gunner's heavy machine guns can lay a pounding on the enemy. They may not be as accurate as your sniper rifles or the average assault rifle, but the gunner's guns can fight through an army with ammo left over.
Marksman GR2.png
You may not shoot a lot of bullets with a sniper character, but you'll pick enemies off from a mile away. The Marksman makes the best recon soldier, since the marksman's weapons come equipped with the most powerful scopes in the game.