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The Terradyne Armored Vehicles Gurkha is a tactical armored vehicle built by Ontario-based Terradyne Armored Vehicles Inc..

The name is a homage to the Gurkhas, Nepali soldiers who serve in the British Army.

The lightweight hull design of the Gurkha is based on the chassis of a Ford F550 truck. The traditional layout houses an engine in the front, crew cab in the center and troop / cargo section at the rear. Gurkha is offered in three tactical configurations. Two crew members are accommodated in the crew cab.

The Gurkha vehicle can accommodate up to eight personnel depending on the configuration. The entry and exit for the crew is provided through four side doors and a rear cargo / crew exit door.

The vehicle can be fitted with fixed roof hatch or turret. Other standard equipment and systems include an air conditioning system, towing hooks, lighting and side mirrors. The OEM components of Gurkha are widely available through the worldwide network of Ford.

Role in Ghost Recon

It is a LAPV model used by La Unidad in Bolivia as their main "Armored SUV" vehicle when the alert level reaches 4. And also a spawnable vehicle for the Ghosts. It appears to be great for raiding supply convoys because of its speed and sheer resilience to gunfire, but Nomad's team inside can't use their weapons despite the vehicle's windows, and the roof-mounted minigun turret deals negligible damage to the armored convoy.


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