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A Pakistani warlord attempting to take control of the country has assassinated the Kazakh president. Follow the Ghosts as they work in concert with UN forces to track him and his military across Kazakhstan. The Ghosts are the only chance to thwart his attacks against high-profile targets and to prevent national devastation.
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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike is a video game developed by Red Storm Entertainment, released for Xbox in 2005 and it is the expansion to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2.


The game is a third-person shooter. The player controls a squad of four soldiers, although there are several Lone Wolf missions. The player has the option of choosing weapons based off of four classes.

There are several minor differences between Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike, and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2, the most notable being the difficulty, as former being regarded as the harder of the two. Other differences would include new multiplayer modes, such as "Heli Hunt".

With 24 multiplayer maps, including a handful of new, more open designs, and 24 multiplayer game modes including the ever-favorite squad, solo, and co-op game types. The multiplayer maps feature both rural and urban landscapes, as well as some maps from previous games in the series. The other interesting thing about this kit is its single-player campaign. There are 11 single-player missions, all of which feature the ability to replay them in Lone Wolf mode. All of the single-player levels can also be played in cooperative mode as well.


Ghost Recon Summit Strike Intro


Classes Description
Rifleman Summit Strike.png
The Riflemen are the versatile soldiers that do everything well, and their weapons reflect that. A Rifleman's weapon has a medium range (placing it between a Marksman's and Gunner's weapon) and is easily wielded, making it perfect for close encounters with enemy resistance.
Grenadier Summit Strike.png
When you want a little more firepower than a standard soldier, strap on some extra grenades, courtesy of the Grenadier. You lack the speed of a Rifleman's weapon and the range of a Marksman's weapon, and though you don't carry as many bullets as a gunner, you can probably inflict more damage with your explosives.
Gunner Summit Strike.png
When you want lots of support fire, call on the Gunner. The Gunner's heavy machine guns can lay a pounding on the enemy. They may not be as accurate as your sniper rifles or the average assault rifle, but the gunner's guns can fight through an army with ammo left over.
Marksman Summit Strike.png
You may not shoot a lot of bullets with a sniper character, but you'll pick enemies off from a mile away. The Marksman makes the best recon soldier, since the marksman's weapons come equipped with the most powerful scopes in the game.


In 2012, Pakistani terrorist and arms dealer Asad Rahil began to sell old Soviet weaponry to fundamentalists in the Middle East through corrupt contacts in the Kazakhstan military. When the Kazakh president found out about this, he and his security council attempted to shut them down. As a response, Rahil assassinated the president and his security council in a bombing attack on Almaty, Kazakhstan. A couple weeks before the bombing, Rahil moved his troops to Kyrgyzstan, where he attempted to steal chemical weapons at a disposal facility in Oshkek. When local militia tried to stop him, Rahil detonated gas shells at the facility, killing the militia and over 500 civilians. After this, Rahil moved his troops into Almaty where he set off the bomb. After the bombing, the Kazakh military broke apart into multiple factions fighting for control of the government. UN peacekeeping troops are deployed into Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to prevent an outbreak of a civil war.

The UN deploys the Ghosts, led by Captain Mitchell, to capture or kill Rahil and eliminate his forces in the region. The Ghosts are tasked to work with Grigoriy Kozlov, a Kazakh military specialist working with the UN to take down the corrupt military elements. Their first mission is to destroy an old Soviet military instillation Rahil is using as a base of operations. They clear a village near the base of enemy soldiers and destroy artillery pieces guarding it. They then successfully clear the base of Rahil's troops after destroying nearby SAM sites. Afterwards, Mitchell and his team kill one of Rahil's top lieutenants and destroy his training camps, but several of Kozlovs troops are captured by enemy forces. The Ghosts travel to another one of Rahil's bases where Kozlovs men are being kept. They successfully secure the prisoners and the base, as well as eliminating an enemy armor convoy.

Eventually, Rahil's army attacks Astana in an attempt to capture the capital and establish power. The Ghosts are sent to destroy enemy armored reinforcements traveling to the capital and destroy another armor battalion before they can ambush UN troops. Despite these setbacks, Rahil's forces take Astana, and the UN troops and Kazakh loyalists prepare a full-scale assault of the city. Mitchell and his team destroy enemy bunkers East of the capital to prevent reinforcements from reaching the city. UN troops assault Astana in an attempt to capture Rahil. The Ghosts are sent into the city to secure the crash sites of a Predator UAV and a downed Kazakh loyalist helicopter. After completing this, Mitchell and his forward team work with UN troops to take back the city.

After taking back the city, Mitchell gets word that one of his teams has been ambushed by Rahil's troops. Mitchell goes in alone while the rest of his team stays with Kozlov to search for Rahil. Mitchell eventually eliminates the enemy attackers and rescues his team. Rahil's army retreats from the capital and is spread throughout the Badlands. The Ghosts work with UN troops to take back a satellite launch facility from a large enemy force. They find no sign of Rahil but find out that Kozlov may be engaging him. Kozlov disobeys Mitchell's orders and attacks Rahils forces without the Ghosts. The ghosts are sent to help Kozlov but are then sent to secure an old Soviet nuclear storage facility to prevent Rahil from getting his hands on weapons-grade Uranium. The Ghosts prevent Rahil's forces from escaping with the Uranium, but fail to capture Rahil himself. They also discover that Kozlov and his men were killed by Rahil's men.

UN forces learn of Rahils hiding place, and they find him and his remaining forces trapped in a fortress, where he faces off against the UN troops in a final battle. One of Mitchell's teams guards the canyon to prevent Rahil's forces from escaping. The Ghosts then help UN troops pinned down by enemy forces leaving the fortress. The Ghosts and UN forces assault the fortress in an attempt to capture Rahil. Rahil tries to escape with a platoon of his troops guarding him, but Mitchell and his team defeat his soldiers and kill Rahil in a final standoff. 3 months after the bombing attack, the Kazakh military is finally put back together and the country celebrates the first elections since the attack. Mitchell and the Ghosts finally leave Kazakhstan after visiting Kozlovs grave.


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike Campaign
Training SS.png
Mountain Base.png
Mountain Base
Rolling Hills.png
Rolling Hills
River Valley.png
River Valley
Industrial Complex.png
Industrial Complex
Bunker Hill.png
Bunker Hill
Government District.png
Government District
Bunker Hill Redux.png
Bunker Hill Redux
Launch Facility.png
Launch Facility
Badlands Fortress.png
Badlands Fortess


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike Multiplayer maps
Ghost Village SS.png
Ghost Village
Red River.png
Red River
Outpost SS.png
Hot Springs.png
Hot Springs
Dig Site.png
Dig Site
Sub Base.png
Sub Base
Aral Sea.png
Aral Sea





Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Summit Strike Weapons
Rifleman M16A2M4 (Multiple versions) • M8 Carbine (Multiple versions) • M8 Compact
SCAR (H-L)XM29FamasG36KMP5 SDSA-80
Grenadier M16/M203M8/M320SA-80/AG36FAMAS/M203
Gunner M240B LMGMk 46 SAWMk 48 LMGM8 ARAS56 SAWMG4Type 95
Explosives ClaymoreM67 fragmentation grenadeM183 satchelM3A2 MAAWS
Pistols M9M1911
Gadgets SOFLAM