"I am a Ghost. An elite soldier. Trained to strike my enemies... before they know I exist. Death stalks me. But I survive. Overcoming any obstacle. Never surrendering. And with my brothers and sisters at my side... there is no fight we fear. We are Ghosts. We aren't afraid of death. So, when you take the life of my brothers. When you provoke me. It doesn't matter how powerful you are. I will burn your world to the ground. "
Nomad in the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Official Trailer
"I'm a Ghost, too. I would expect nothing less."
Cole D. Walker in the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Official Trailer
"Ghosts never die."
— Ghost Recon Breakpoint Twitter

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint is an upcoming video game in the Ghost Recon video game franchise. However unlike past games, there is no briefing of the mission and push the true survival experience to the test while overcoming the dangers on a remote island.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint What is Breakpoint? Gameplay Trailer

Ghost Recon Breakpoint What is Breakpoint? Gameplay Trailer

Publisher's summaryEdit

Takes place 4 or 6 years after Operation Kingslayer in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Somewhere in the South Pacific lies the remote Auroa Archipelago, a vast land of diverse biomes that range from lush rainforests to snowy peaks. Now, it’s home to Skell Technology, an enigmatic technology giant. Initially interested in a remote testing site for its autonomous drones, the Silicon Valley company eventually turned Auroa into its “World 2.0,” a high-tech, high-security utopia of sustainable eco-cities and robotics research.

Face your deadliest enemy yet, The Wolves, former Ghosts who have betrayed their country. Led by the charismatic Colonel Cole D. Walker they have taken control of Auroa for an unknown purpose. Now in control of Auroa’s powerful drone technology The Wolves and their allies will hunt you mercilessly across Auroa.[1]


At E3 2019 on June 10th, Ubisoft allowed sign-ups for the Breakpoint Beta that will start September 5 with guaranteed beta access through pre-orders. The first technical test was open from May 31st to June 3rd. The second technical test was also open from July 26th to July 29th. Both technical tests are under NDAs (Meaning that players who were invited aren't allowed to discuss or share any gameplay under any circumstances) and were only available to players around North America and Western Europe.

On August 2nd, Ubisoft revealed unqiue features that'll be available for the PC version. That includes full controls customization, partnerships from Tobii, Discord, AMD, to a standalone PC Benchmark [13]

Recently, Ubisoft announced the Ghost Recon Rewards Program which gives players rewards for completing challenges and milestones in Ghost Recon Wildlands and redeem them for Breakpoint. As a recap, they recently put up an article about the list of challenges/milestones and the rewards you get for completing them [14]

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Official Announce Trailer Ubisoft NA-0

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Official Announce Trailer Ubisoft NA-0




4 classes can be shifted between. From left to right: Fixit, Nomad, Vasily and Fury.

There will initially be four playable classes in Breakpoint, with more to follow after launch. And can be changed from the bivouac.
  • Assault - Specialises in direct assault and carries more health.
  • Sharpshooter - The quintessential sniper, you can utilize special long-range ammo, reload faster when wielding long-range weapons, and the ability to steady aim by holding your breath.
  • Panther - Enemies are dead before they even know you’re there. Your stealth capabilities and suppressed weapons pair well with your Smoke Bomb gadget which allows you to get the drop on nearby enemies or make a fast exit.
  • Engineer - Equipped with a rocket launcher, this class specializes in destroying vehicles and heavy drones. The African American male, Fixit, is seen using this class in the 13 minute gameplay reveal.

New FeaturesEdit

Injury SystemEdit

Now when your Ghost takes damage they may also become injured. These injuries will slow you down and reduce your combat effectiveness requiring additional time and resources to heal your Ghost back up to peak fighting condition.  There are three tiers of injury-

  1. Minor Wound: You have a limp when walking/sprinting, stamina is reduced, and aiming can be wobbly.
  2. Major Wound: You are bleeding out, your limp gets much worse, reducing your speed, you can only hipfire with one arm, and stamina is greatly reduced.
  3. Severe Injury: You will bleed to death if you don't stop the bleeding, you can barely walk, stamina is near non-existant, you can only defend yourself with your sidearm.

Bandages will cure any of the above.

Terrain and StaminaEdit

Traversing the world of Auroa will push your Ghost to their limits. Steep slopes will make you slip and fall, traversing water will slow you down, and snow will plow in your wake. Properly managing your stamina will be essential to surviving and fighting back.[1]

The BivouacEdit

Trapped behind enemy lines The Bivouac is a temporary camp where you and your fellow Ghosts will rest and prepare for the next mission. Clean your weapons, change classes, craft items, upgrade gear, and more then select desired time of day and weather before venturing back out.[1]

Buddy CarryEdit

Leave no man behind. When an ally is down and needs help instead of giving medical attention in the middle of a firefight you can quickly sling them over your shoulder and move to safety to get them back on their feet.[1]

Prone CamoEdit

As a Ghost you can disappear into your environment making you nearly invisible to your enemies. Use this feature to setup an ambush or avoid detection when cover is not available.[1]

Advanced Enemy AIEdit

The Wolves and their allies are experienced elite soldiers and will communicate amongst themselves to hunt you down if detected. With a wide variety of AI archetypes and behaviors no two encounters will be the same.[1]

Adaptive CoverEdit

An innovative cover system will automatically adapt your Ghost’s body position to match available cover and execute advanced tactics such as leaning to aim around corners[1]

Customize Your GhostEdit

Create a unique Ghost to look and play your way. With multiple classes and deep systems featuring thousands of options for both functional and cosmetic customization no two Ghosts will look and play the same. Weapons, gear, and equipment are craftable, customizable, and upgradeable using items and resources you’ll find across Auroa.[1]


For the first time in Ghost Recon history, Breakpoint will include four-player raids.


Breakpoint will include a 4v4 PVP gamemode Ghost War and will be available at launch. It will come with 6 maps, 4 classes, 2 modes as well as dedicated servers and shared progression between PvE/PvP. The two modes are Elimination and Sabotage, whilst Elimination has the shrinking combat zone near the end of each round to encourage more action in the field.


During Operation Greenstone, 32 men and women of the four Ghost teams are taken out by Drone Swarms. Only NomadHolt, Vasily, Fixit and Fury are the sole survivors with Holt being badly injured. Nomad is hunted down by former Ghost Cole D. Walker who has gone rogue along with several former Ghost operators and together they have formed the Wolves. The Wolves have taken over the whole Island along with the Island's security drones and Drone production facilities which are automated. It is up to them to survive and go through with the Operation and take down the rogue Ghosts.


Main article: Weapons of Breakpoint

  Something worthy of note is that after there disappearance in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, bipods actually return in this entry.

Equipment Edit

Vehicles Edit


Ghost Recon Breakpoint will release on October 4, 2019. Customers who purchase the Gold, Ultimate, or Collector's editions will have access to the game on October 1, 2019.



It's DLCs are in the YEAR 1 PASS, it includes:
•    The Siren’s Call mission available from launch ;
•    The Special Operation Forces Pack, the finest military equipment composed of the “Quiet” Designated Marksman Rifle, the Covered ACH, the CRYE G3 combat pants and the cross draw vest, available from launch ;
•    Access to two upcoming immersive Adventures: Deep State and Transcendence ;
•    Early unlock of three classes, which will improve both your solo and multiplayer gaming experiences by introducing new skills for your character. 

In E3 2019, Ubisoft presented a short teaser of the future Terminator DLC with Brad Fiedel's theme and the 2 glowing red eyes from a terminator.




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