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20 years from now, battlefield supremacy is dictated by technology, where those who can afford an army of augmented soldiers prevail. In a world driven by economic interests, the ATHENA Corp. has begun selling its weapons and technology to rogue factions. Ghost Recon fights to protect order and peace, but now faces its former brothers, the Phantoms, who wage war against a system they no longer serve.
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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms was an Ubisoft Entertainment free-to-play third-person multiplayer shooter released into open beta in 2012 for the PC. It was released on April 10, 2014. The game was originally known as Ghost Recon Online. It was announced in August 2016 that the game would be shutdown on December 1 of that year.

Publisher's summary

Developed by Ubisoft Singapore, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms was a tactical, 3rd-person, team-based shooter that allowed players to engage in fierce 16-player online matches. The game delivers a premium online-multiplayer-shooter experience that was downloadable and playable for free on . Offering unique gameplay, Ghost Recon Phantoms melds the intensity of a shooter and the tactical depth of a MOBA to provide players with a one of a kind experience.


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms - Launch Trailer


20 years in the future, the game has changed and battlefield supremacy is dictated by technology. In a world driven by economic interests, the ATHENA Corp. has begun selling its weapons and technology to the highest bidder.

As elite soldiers and defenders of US global interests, Ghosts fight to uphold order in an unstable world. The Phantoms, an equally armed group of ex-Ghosts, seek to dismantle world order and to challenge US imperialism from the shadows.


It has a four-year development cycle at Ubisoft Singapore, including an extensive beta test. In addition to Ubisoft Singapore, eight other studios across the world have worked on the game.

It will be officially released on April 10, 2014 with a new name, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms and expanded features.


Classes are the mainstay of Ghost Recon Phantoms game. They each have their own weaknesses and strengths, specific weaponry, and specialized abilities. It is essential for a team to have a diverse class setup in order to win. The only three things the classes have in common is that they all have secondary pistols, grenades, and unique abilities. Note, the player selects their class before going into a match, once in a match the player is stuck to this class for the entirety of. The only things the player can change in match are their weapons and abilities.

Every class can be individually leveled up by completing matches and gaining experience points. The maximum level cap is 50. It used to be 30 during the open beta. Upon reaching level 10 with any of the classes the player loses the ability to search for a "beginners only" match.

Classes Description
Specialist GRO.png
Support is medium and slow. Their main role is support. Support operators have access to Light Machine Guns (LMG) and Shotguns. The abilities available to this class are Blackout and Aegis. Blackout is an area of effect EMP discharge that stuns your opponents and fries their abilities. Aegis is a force-field that is generated in a bubble format and deflects bullets but grenades can still enter as well as the enemy team, which is the only way they can hurt you with bullets is if they enter the force-field. The bubble is big enough to encapsulate several teammates as well as the Support that generated it.
Assault GRO.png
Assault Class is heavy-built and they exhibit the best of the other classes, Recon and Support. Their main role is to fight, be in the thick of things. Assaults choice of weapons include Assault Rifles and Shotguns. The abilities available for the class are Blitz and HEAT. Blitz allows the player to rush an opponent with a shield and knock him down. HEAT causes a microwave affect which stuns the enemy and if in very low health will kill the opponent.
Recon GRO.png
Recon class is light, fast, and nimble. Their main role is to provide sniper support or infiltration capabilities. Recons have access to Sniper Rifles and Sub-machine Guns (SMG). The abilities available for the class are Cloak and Scan. Cloak, should be self explanatory, it renders the player invisible to some extent for some period of time. Scan, is a sonar-like technology that detects the enemy and highlights them for you and your teammates.


There are three game modes currently available in the Ghost Recon: Phantoms. All three game modes are objective based and include round time limits. Games can generally be won by either taking all objectives, taking the majority, or defending until the time limit expires.

A global 36-minute match timer will end the session regardless of other variables.

  • Conquest

Conquest is an objective-based tug-of-war style game mode. There are five capture zones (objectives) spread around the maps in a linear fashion. These objectives are labeled alphabetically (A through E) starting on one side of the map and moving towards the other. The objective of the game mode is to take as many objectives as possible, with the final goal to be total control of all the objectives. There are two ways to win a Conquest game mode; take and hold all of the objectives, or hold a majority of objectives (at least three) when the match timer expires.

  • Onslaught

Onslaught is an attack and defend game mode with two rounds, each team getting the opportunity to attack and defend. In the existing Onslaught maps there are three objective points. Attackers achieve victory by taking all three objectives. Defenders achieve victory by preventing the attackers from taking all of the objectives until the round timer expires.

  • Holdout

Holdout involves only one control point on a symmetrical map, with teams spawning on opposite sides of it. The teams must take and defend the point from the other team until the round timer expires.


Raven Watch.png
Raven Watch
Chertanovo LZ.png
Chertanovo LZ
Korolyov Towers.png
Korolyov Towers
Markov Station.png
Markov Station
Xinyi District.png
Xinyi District
The Gallery.png
The Gallery
Khyber Stronghold.png
Khyber Stronghold
Khawani Bazaar
Shearwater 51.png
Shearwater 51
Balaklava Sub-Pen.png
Balaklava Sub-Pen
Attica Heights.png
Attica Heights


Main article: Gunsmith

Ghost Recon Phantoms Weapons
Handguns TR-1PX4FiveseveNP-45USP45P250RedHawk
Assault rifles M27MK 16SAR-21ACRAR-21F2000AS Val
Light machine guns Mk5MK 46MK 48M96L86MG4MG366P41PKM
Submachine guns MP5A2MP7MP9PP2000PP-19P90OC-14 4A
Shotguns M500PentagunPM5M1014NS2000Model 10aKPS-12SPAS-12M3A1
Sniper rifles M24SR-1SR-25SRSMSRM200SVDVSS-HNemesis 50


There will be a weekly webcomic debuting on August 6, 2014 which will explain the formation of the Phantoms.

Content packs

It had an Arctic-themed expansion. Additional content packs have been released with Halloween and Assassin's Creed themed content. On April 1, 2013, a new gamemode was announced, "Ghost Dance Revolution", as part of Ubisoft's April Fool's Day. For 2014, they announced the TR0 1010 Directed Energy Recoilless Platform.

The Phantom Pack was released on July 10, 2013. The Phantoms are described as the Ghost's deadliest enemies. Players have the opportunity as part of the Phantom Pack to compete in a competition, and complete it after scoring 100 million points.

On September 26, 2013, a crossover pack with Splinter Cell launched, featuring Sam Fisher's iconic gear.

In February 2015, a pack featuring the Bodark were released.



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