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The Tomb Raider led us on a relic hunt. Ghost, you must act swiftly and solve these mysteries!
- Description

Relics of the Ancients is an easter egg treasure hunt themed after the Tomb Raider franchise in celebration of the franchise's 25th anniversary.


  • 1. Travel to the Solitary Peak bivoac. Then head toward to the nearby Pumping Station, preferably with a helicopter. You will see ancient structures hidden beside a mountain near the station. Head into the cave and you will find a map leading to the location of the the first stone as well as the chest where you will find the rewards once you have found all three stones.


  • 2. Travel to Neil's Beach bivoac near Lake Boomer. Then travel to a nearby small island to the west of a Legion drone launcher (you can parachute off the cliff at the launcher's location all the way to the island). A red jade stone and a second map leading to the second stone is located behind some rocks.


  • 3. Travel to Galleon Cove bivoac, then to the pirate ruins at the cove north of the White Cross Peak. Take a look at the second map, you will find a head pointing at the tip of the pirate ship wreck. The tip of the ship points at the location of the second stone. The second stone is located on the cliffs towards the White Cross Peak.


  • 4. Travel to the Golem Island. Near the Ancient Harbor occupied by the Wolves to the west of the island, you can find a red tree near a cliffside. Go to the cliffs and you will find dark stones with holes in them. Look through the holes and you will see a small island with a house. You can find a boat to the left of the rocks. The final stone is under a cliff on the other side of the island.


  • 5. Now that you have all of the three stones, you can go back to the chest near the Solitary Peak bivoac. The stones are already on the chest. Open it and you will get the reward.





  • Lara Croft's appareance is from the latest installment of the franchise Shadow of the Tomb Raider