Treasury is the third co-op campaign mission conducted by the Ghosts.

With the Ghosts having taken out their main supply line, intel believes that the rebels are going to hit the Treasury building in Grenada. Already feeling the pinch from Ghost operations, they need cash and they need it now.


Looks like your strike on their supplies hurt the rebels. Commo traffic has picked up, and we are tracking enemy forces moving towards the National Treasury. Head in and stop them from looting it.

Map Features

An overcast day has cast the governmental district in a dull gray, but the threat of rain has hardly dampened the potential for action. The enormous district - which encompasses everything from a bus terminal to an open air marketplace to an amphitheater - is full of sniper perches and hiding spots for soldiers and rebels to play hide-and-seek-and-kill. Firmly divided into three zones, the action can quickly go from furious to sparse, as combatants come together and push apart, seeking refuge behind trees and in small alleys. The best seat in the house, though, is the central bridge between the park and bus terminal, where you can see all the carnage happen. From such great heights, you can bring so many to their knees.

Mission Objectives

It's confirmed - the rebels have completely overrun the Treasury on the south end of the city. The Ghosts are now tasked with retaking the building and saving the innocents in the area. The Ghosts are now tasked with retaking the building, saving the innocents in the area, and neutralizing the official before he can escape to an undisclosed location. However, as the Ghosts push through the city, they must be on the lookout for targets of opportunity that could help the operation go smoother.



GRAW - Campaign - Mission 03 - Treasury


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