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Trey Stone is a former member of the US Military and the leader of Sentinel.


Born and raised in a suburb outside of Memphis, Tennessee, Stone comes from an old Southern family, and he was raised as a Southern gentleman. He is a patriot, and his patriotism includes a special place for his Southern heritage. He was wild as a kid, but the structure and discipline of military school helped him focus his energy and his ambitions.

Professional Career

Stone graduated from the Virginia Military Institute with a degree in Civil Engineering, but his first commission was as a PSYOPS Officer. Though there are no records of his missions, it is known that he used to run PSYOPs for the military before joining Ghost Recon.

Stone found his stride in the RET Team, running illegal black ops missions for the CIA alongside men like Cole D. Walker, who was his platoon leader. Stone rose to the rank of Major, but after his first ten years, he declined to renew his commission, opting instead to go private.

After a short time working with other private military corporations, Stone formed his own Private Military Company - Sentinel Corp. He secured an abandoned Russian military camp in Kazakhstan and used it to train elite soldiers. Through Peter Miles, Stone was able to secure the contract to run all security on Auroa.


Erudite and sophisticated, Stone speaks like a Georgia aristocrat. Fond of Southern euphemisms, Stone will smile and shake your hand, while brandishing the knife he'll use to stab you in the back. He will never shy away from an opportunity to further his own agenda. Beneath his veneer of Southern civility, Stone is known to be very dangerous. He has a strong appetite for authority and an equally strong appetite for destruction. He lacks empathy and skews heavily towards tyranny. Those under his command know better than to ever question- him. His superiors thank God every day that he's on their side. After Cole D. Walker's death, Stone earned the title of ''the deadliest force on Auroa''.


He works directly with Walker but answers to Lomax and Miles. He has several officers he relies upon: Ilsa Herzog, the sadistic prison warden; Ian Blake, the manipulative head of the island's secret police; captains Charles Monroe, Maya Coleman, and Anton Gibson who have been dispatched around the archipelago to take care of those resisting Sentinel Corp.

Operation Greenstone

In Operation Greenstone, Trey Stone enacted martial law and controlled Auroa with Sentinel. He would aid Walker and his Wolves against the Ghosts. After Walker is killed by Nomad, Stone, in a phone call with Miles, remarks that he is now in charge of Auroa and how Miles and his boss doesn't need to be worried.

After taking command of the island, Stone started working with Raven's Rock in order to carry out a major terrorist attack in the United States by smuggling toxic gas via a submarine. However, thanks to the efforts of the Ghosts, his plan was foiled. As a result, Stone attempted a last ditch attempt to release the same gas all over the archipelago via drones, but was eliminated before he saw it through.

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  • His blood type is B negative (B-).
  • In-game, Stone is classified as a Wolf Rifleman, despite being armed with nothing more than a P320 Handgun.