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The UAZ-469 is a Soviet 4x4 light utility vehicle. Its development commenced in 1961. It was specially designed to fulfill military roles. The first prototype was completed in 1962. However its production commenced only in 1973. It replaced in production the previous GAZ-69. The UAZ-469 was widely used by the Soviet military, as well as civil operators. This vehicle was exported to around 70 countries worldwide. Over 2 000 000 of these light utility vehicles were produced. An updated variant of this off-road vehicle with some improvements is still produced in Russia. It is known as UAZ Hunter. Currently it is the only vehicle of its class, in service with the Russian Army. Russian Army also uses a GAZ Tigr, but it is a much larger and heavier vehicle.

The UAZ-469 is a robust off-road vehicle, that is simple in design and technology. Its simplicity allows for easy maintenance and repairs. Vehicle has an open-topped body with a soft canvas cover and detachable door tops. It is a very capable 4x4 vehicle, which can drive on any terrain.

The UAZ-469 has a payload capacity of 800 kg. This vehicle provides seating for the driver, plus 6 passengers with 100 kg of cargo, or alternatively one passenger and 600 kg of cargo. It can also tow trailers or light artillery pieces on cross-country terrain with a maximum weight of 850 kg.

Vehicle is powered by commercially available UMZ-452MI 2.45-liter petrol engine, developing 72 hp. A diesel engine is also available. Vehicle has a full-time all-wheel-drive. Civilian version of the UAZ-469 was not as capable off-road as the military version.


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