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The Heckler & Koch USP is a modern pistol of German origin. Development started in the early 1990's and many features of the Mk.23 SOCOM pistol are present in the USP.

The USP is a semi-automatic pistol that uses the short recoil mechanism. A large part of the pistol is made out of polymer. An unique feature of the USP is the recoil reduction system, consisting of a buffer under the barrel. Accessory rails are fitted in front of the trigger guard. The USP is available in varying calibers and versions.

The USP was developed to fire the .40 S&W round from a 13 round magazine. Later on the 9x19mm and .45 ACP versions were developed with 15 and 12 round magazines respectively. The USP Compact is the only model available in .357 SIG. All versions of the USP are semi-automatic and have an effective range of a few dozen meters.

The USP, also known as the P12 is a pistol. It is available to Ghost Recon operators in the .45 caliber version or as the Compact version.