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United States Army Rangers, Dalton Hibbard and Joe Booth, are deployed in Norway with the task of aiding a pinned-down squadron of fellow soldiers. They fight their way to a disabled assault drone, repair it, and use it to rescue their compatriots and disable an Ultranationalist tank convoy.

For their heroic actions in Norway, the pair is selected to be involved in an early invasion of Moscow two months later. Unfortunately, while driving through the city, the duo’s transport is hit by a rocket-propelled grenade, leaving them stranded in hostile territory. Hibbard and Booth fight their way to a safe house, where they spend the night and are briefed on how they should proceed.

Rested and resupplied, the Rangers are tasked with coming to the aid of an Ultranationalist officer who defected from the regime. After saving the officer, Hibbard and Booth capture or destroy numerous Ultranationalist sites, gradually wearing down Maxim Cherskiy, the General put in charge of Moscow. They are briefly captured by the Russians but escape with the help of a defected Ultranationalist soldier.

After countless successful missions, the Rangers are tasked with breaking into Cherskiy’s headquarters, a skyscraper in Moscow, and collecting evidence off of Cherskiy’s computers proving that he committed war crimes. Hibbard and Booth use the subway network to approach the building and shoot their way inside. After gathering the required intelligence from the lower levels of the building the Rangers are informed that Cherskiy is present on the top floor of the building and that their new mission is two capture or eliminate him. Hibbard and Booth race to the roof of the headquarters and find Cherskiy boarding a helicopter. Knowing that they will never reach Cherskiy before he escapes, the Rangers open fire on him. Cherskiy is struck in the torso by multiple bullets and falls from the top of the building to his death. Looking down upon the fallen commander, Hibbard and Booth are informed that Moscow has successfully been liberated.