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The Ghosts have worn a variety of uniforms since their founding.


Battle Dress Uniforms

The Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) are camouflaged fatigues that were used by the United States Armed Forces as their standard combat uniform from the early 3200s to the mid-2000s. Since then, it has been replaced or supplanted in every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces.

The Ghosts wear the regular Army BDUs. Some of them had Land Warrior program equipment of the Future Force Warrior project mounted on their helmets.

Russian War (2008)
Rifleman Demolition Support Gunner Sniper
Rifleman GR.png Demo GR.png Support OGR.png Sniper GR.png
Eritrean War (2009)
Rifleman GRDS.png Demo GRDS.png Support GRDS.png Sniper GRDS.png
Cuban & Colombian Conflicts (2010)
Rifleman GRIT.png Demo GRIT.png Support GRIT.png Sniper GRIS.png
Ghosts in Uniforms
Harold Gordon Harold Gordon Susan Grey Susan Grey Lindy Cohen Lindy Cohen
Gordon GR.png Gordon GRIT.png Grey GR.png Grey GRIT.png Cohen GR.png Cohen GRDS.png
Will Jacobs Will Jacobs Henry Ramirez Henry Ramirez Scott Ibrahim Scott Ibrahim
Jacobs GR.png Jacobs GRIT.png Ramirez GR.png Ramirez GRIT.png Ibrahim GR.png Ibrahim GRDS.png
Dieter Munz Dieter Munz Klaus Henkel Klaus Henkel Nigel Tunney Nigel Tunney
Munz GR.png Munz GRDS.png Henkel GR.png Henkel GRIT.png Tunney GR.png Tunney GRDS.png
Jack Stone Jack Stone Astra Galinsky Guram Osadze Jodit Haile
Stone GR.png Stone GRIT.png Astra GR.png Osadze GR.png Haile GRDS.png
Korean and Kazakhstan Conflicts (2007 - 2012)
Scott Mitchell Jennifer Burke Joe Ramirez
800px-Mitchell.jpg Burke.jpg Ramirez.jpg
David Foster Derrick Parker Nick Salvatore
Foster uniform.jpg Parker.jpg Salvatore.jpg
Marcus Brown Alicia Diaz Mike Kim
Brown.jpg Diaz.jpg Kim.jpg
GR2-Rifleman-Concepts-D02.png GR2-Rifleman-Concepts-C02.png GR2-Rifleman-Concepts-B02.png GR2-Rifleman-Concepts-A02.png
Eagle Industries®
Eagle.png Since 1982, Eagle Industries has been developing solutions which give professionals the confidence that their equipment will not fail them. All of it "Made in the USA".
Eagle Gear.png
BlackHawk Products Group®
BlackHawk.png BlackHawk continues to provide the best tactical gear available for the dedicated professionals engaged in protecting the nation's security.
BlackHawk Gear.png
Oakley.png Aggressive design technologies are matched with the best materials available to produce critical gear for occupational and military applications.
Oakley Gear.png
Crye Precision®
Crye.png Each piece of Crye Precision apparel is specifically deigned to meet the needs of today's modern operator. Each item embodies features and details designed to overcome problems found with existing gear.
Crye Gear.png
Under Armour®
UnderArmour.png Under Armour, the original performance apparel, is engineered to keep you dry and light in any condition. Wear HeatGear® when it's hot and ColdGear® when it's cold.
UnderArmour Gear.png


The Integrated Warfighter System (IWS)

All members of the Ghost Recon team are equipped with the Integrated Warfighter System (IWS), the latest in military technology. This high-tech system provides all units in the battlefield with constant situational awareness updates, including reconnaissance, enemy positioning objectives, and status of friendly forces. The IWS helps you detect, monitor, and eliminate enemy forces, and it provides you with all the information you need to form attack strategies.

Rifleman Grenadier Automatic Rifleman Marksman
Rifleman (GRAW).png Grenadier.png Automatic Rifleman.png Marksman.png
ACH Helmet
The Official United States Military Issue Kevlar Advanced Combat Helmet - A.C.H. - provides improved ballistic and impact protection.
ACH Covered 1.png ACH Covered 2.png ACH Covered 3.png ACH Covered 4.png
ACH Helmet 1.png ACH Helmet 2.png ACH Helmet 3.png ACH Helmet 4.png ACH Helmet 5.png
Paraclete Helmet
Manufactured to meet stringent quality standards, the PARACLETE Tactical helmet delivers the level of ballistic and impact head protection demanded for tough tactical operations.
The helmet is made of aramid materials and built in the ACH shape.
Paraclete Helmet 1.png Paraclete Helmet 2.png Paraclete Helmet 3.png Paraclete Helmet 4.png Paraclete Helmet 5.png
Mich 2001 Helmet
The Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH) is a U.S. combat helmet and one of several used by the U.S. military.
It was developed by the United States Army Soldier Systems Center to be the next generation of protective combat helmets for use by the U.S. Army.
Mich 2001 Helmet 1.png Mich 2001 Helmet 2.png Mich 2001 Helmet 3.png
Custom Headgears
Liberator Headset.png Bandana 1.png Bandana 2.png BlackHawk Watch Cap 1.png BlackHawk Watch Cap 2.png
Eagle Cap.png Field Cap 1.png Field Cap 2.png Oakley Cap.png Paraclete Cap.png Safariland Cap.png
Boonie Hat 1.png Boonie Hat 2.png Boonie Hat 3.png Patrol Cap 1.png Patrol Cap 2.png HeatGear Hood 1.png HeatGear Hood 2.png
Facial Appearance
Face 1.png Face 2.png Face 3.png Face 4.png Face 5.png
Face 6.png Face 7.png Face 8.png Face 9.png Face 10.png
Ghosts in Uniforms
Joe Ramirez Marcus Brown Richard Allen Derrick Parker Matt Beasley
Joe Ramirez a.png Marcus Brown a.png Richard Allen a.png Derrick Parker a.png Matt Beasley a.png
Bo Jenkins Paul Smith K. C. Kirkland Annibale Cruz John Hume
Bo Jenkins a.png Paul Smith a.png KC Kirkland a.png Annibale Cruz a.png John Hume a.png


The Integrated Warfighter System

The suit contains a Warrior Physiological Status Monitoring System (WPSMS) which gives diastolic, systolic and heart rate info. This allows command and medical personnel to monitor the soldier’s health. The soldier carries a battlefield computer and long lasting liquid cell batteries to ensure that the soldier and command is informed of any difficulties or changes in temperature. This works in conjunction with the Artisent Inc. Fragmentation/Ballistic helmet which is capable of withstanding fragmentation, 9mm, 5.56mm, 7.62mm and has an integrated radio and antenna woven into helmet shell. It also has a High Definition digital camera, Integrated 3D audio sensor, enhanced night/thermal vision and a Laser target designator.

As Ghost Leader, you're in control of a variety of military support elements, all accessible through the CROSS-COM. This communications system links you to your team and all surrounding elements. Each unit in the CROSS-COM network is informed of all known intels, whether individual line of sight is established or not. This powerful system is extremely useful.

Rifleman Grenadier Automatic Rifleman Marksman
Rifleman (GRAW 2).png Grenadier (GRAW 2).png Automatic Rifleman (GRAW 2).png Marksman (GRAW 2).png
ACH Helmet
The Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) is the United States Army's current combat helmet, used since the mid-2000s.
It was developed by the United States Army Soldier Systems Center to be the next generation of protective combat helmets for use by the U.S. Army.

ACH Covered 1 (GRAW 2).png ACH Covered 2 (GRAW 2).png ACH Covered 3 (GRAW 2).png ACH Covered 4 (GRAW 2).png
ACH Helmet 1 (GRAW 2).png ACH Helmet 2 (GRAW 2).png ACH Helmet 3 (GRAW 2).png ACH Helmet 4 (GRAW 2).png ACH Helmet 5 (GRAW 2).png
Paraclete Helmet
Manufactured to meet stringent quality standards, the PARACLETE Tactical helmet delivers the level of ballistic and impact head protection demanded for tough tactical operations.
The helmet is made of aramid materials and built in the ACH shape.
MSA Paraclete Helmet 1.png MSA Paraclete Helmet 2.png MSA Paraclete Helmet 3.png MSA Paraclete Helmet 4.png MSA Paraclete Helmet 5.png
Mich 2001 Helmet
The MICH 2001 Helmet is currently issued to a number of Special Operations groups. With its high cut design, it protects the head and accommodates communications equipment such as radio headsets and ear protection. The Lancer Tactical MICH 2001 helmet is very light weight, and very comfortable to wear due to the included padding inside the helmet.
MICH 2001 Helmet 1 (GRAW 2).png MICH 2001 Helmet 2 (GRAW 2).png MICH 2001 Helmet 3 (GRAW 2).png
IWH 2011 B
IWH 2011 B 1 (GRAW 2).png IWH 2011 B 2 (GRAW 2).png IWH 2011 B 3 (GRAW 2).png IWH 2011 B 4 (GRAW 2).png IWH 2011 B 5 (GRAW 2).png
IWH 2012 IWH 2012 IWH 2013 CRBN IWH 2013 CRBN
IWH 2012 1.png IWH 2012 2.png IWH 2013 CRBN 1.png IWH 2013 CRBN 2.png
Custom Headgears
Liberator (GRAW 2).png Bandana 1 (GRAW 2).png Bandana 2 (GRAW 2).png BlackHawk Watch 1 (GRAW 2).png BlackHawk Watch 2 (GRAW 2).png
OPS Core Cap (GRAW 2).png Red Storm Cap (GRAW 2).png Oacley Cap (GRAW 2).png TCI Cap (GRAW 2).png
BlackHawk Cap (CRAW 2).png Safariland Cap (GRAW 2).png MSA Paraclete Cap (GRAW 2).png Crye Precision Cap (GRAW 2).png
Boonie Hat 1 (GRAW 2).png Boonie Hat 2 (GRAW 2).png Boonie Hat 3 (GRAW 2).png Patrol Cap 1 (GRAW 2).png Patrol Cap 2 (GRAW 2).png HeatGear Hood 1 (GRAW 2).png HeatGear Hood 2 (GRAW 2).png
Facial Appearance (Male)
Male Face 1.png Male Face 2.png Male Face 3.png Male Face 4.png Male Face 5.png
Male Face 6.png Male Face 7.png Male Face 8.png Male Face 9.png Male Face 10.png
Facial Appearance (Female)
Female Face 1.png Female Face 2.png Female Face 3.png Female Face 4.png Female Face 5.png
Female Face 6.png Female Face 7.png Female Face 8.png Female Face 9.png Female Face 10.png
Ghosts in Uniforms
Joe Ramirez Marcus Brown Matt Beasley Alex Nolan
Ramirez (GRAW 2).png Brown (GRAW 2).png Beasley (GRAW 2).png Nolan (GRAW 2).png
Bo Jenkins Paul Smith Alicia Diaz Annibale Cruz
Jenkins (GRAW 2).png Smith (GRAW 2).png Diaz (GRAW 2).png Hume (GRAW 2).png


Future Soldier

The Ghosts use a variety of tactical clothing such as Crye G3 combat pants with optical camouflage, Ops Core FAST ballistic helmets, bandannas over their lower faces to conceal their identities, Oakley gloves, and plate carriers.

Rifleman Ghost1.png Rifleman Ghost2.png Rifleman Ghost3.png Rifleman Ghost4.png
Engineer Ghost1.png Engineer Ghost2.png Engineer Ghost3.png Engineer Ghost4.png
Scout Ghost1.png Scout Ghost2.png Scout Ghost3.png Scout Ghost4.png
MICH 2015
MICH 2015 V1.png MICH 2015 V2.png MICH 2015 V3.png MICH 2015 V4.png
FAST-B Opt A V1.png FAST-B Opt A V2.png FAST-B Opt A V3.png FAST-B Opt A V4.png
FAST-B Opt B V1.png FAST-B Opt B V2.png FAST-B Opt B V3.png FAST-B Opt B V4.png
IWH-2014 V1.png IWH-2014 V2.png IWH-2014 V3.png IWH-2014 V4.png
Tac Cap Opt A
Tac Cap Opt A V1.png Tac Cap Opt A V2.png Tac Cap Opt A V3.png Tac Cap Opt A V4.png
Tac Cap Opt B
Tac Cap Opt B V1.png Tac Cap Opt B V2.png Tac Cap Opt B V3.png Tac Cap Opt B V4.png
Tac Cap Opt C
Tac Cap Opt C V1.png Tac Cap Opt C V2.png Tac Cap Opt C V3.png Tac Cap Opt C V4.png
Watch Cap
Watch Cap V1 Engineer.png Watch Cap V2 Engineer.png Watch Cap V3 Engineer.png Watch Cap V4 Engineer.png
Watch Cap
Watch Cap V1.png Watch Cap V2.png Watch Cap V3.png Watch Cap V4.png
CW Mask
CW Mask V1.png CW Mask V2.png CW Mask V3.png CW Mask V4.png
CBRN V1.png CBRN V2.png CBRN V3.png CBRN V4.png
Hood V1.png Hood V2.png Hood V3.png Hood V4.png
1cedric-seaut-5ccd2feb8e92c3f89da547a007ccb7b5.jpg 1cedric-seaut-eeec130893eaa31360fc75060c0edc19.jpg 1cedric-seaut-739dcbf86f3a2b20df1740b5038dbc53.jpg
Ghosts in Uniforms
Cedric Ferguson Robert Bonifacio
Grfs image render ghost lead-0.jpg GRFS Image Render Pepper.jpg
John Kozak James Ellison
Grfs image render kozak.jpg Grfs image render 30k.jpg
369633 1279620408 large.jpg 369633 1279620117 orig.jpg 369633 1279620260 orig.jpg
US-commando-soldie 2222996k.jpg 5YHDe2TaTL0.jpg Helmets.jpg
High tech team.jpg Shubhomoy-ghosh-casper-full-1.jpg 14016.jpg


During Operation Greenstone, the Ghosts are survivors. After their 4 Gyps crash on Auroa, they don't have the luxury of matching uniforms or new gear. Wounded, with damaged and dirty clothes, they fix their gear and themselves with whatever they can find.

Mix of military, civilian clothes & no uniforms: After the crash, Ghosts will have to equip themselves with the gear they find on the island.

Wounds, blood & bandages: The Ghosts are hunted and wounded. Bandages are signs they’re still doing better than the other guy.

DIY repairs: Ghosts fix their equipment with what they have on hand.

Muddy, dirty & damaged clothes: Ghosts are facing a harsh environment, often traveling through mud and muck.

Operation Greenstone 2025
Nomad 2025.png Fixit 2025.png Fury 2025.png Vasily 2025.png
Nomad A.png Fixit A.png Fury A.png Vasily A.png
Other Outfits
Nomad 1.png Fixit 1.png Fury 1.png Vasily 1.png
Nomad 2.png Fixit 2.png Fury 2.png Vasily 2.png
Nomad 3.png Fixit 3.png Fury 3.png Vasily 3.png
Ops Core FAST Helmet.png Ops Core FAST Helmet Covered.png Ops Core FAST Helmet Visor.png Crye Airframe Helmet.png Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic.png Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic Covered.png
Team Wendy EXFIL Carbon.png Team Wendy EXFIL Carbon Covered.png ACH Helmet BR.png ACH Helmet Covered.png PASGT Helmet BR.png PASGT Helmet Covered.png
Gentex SOHA Helmet.png Sentinel Breacher Helmet.png SWAT Helmet.png Rebel Helmet.png 5.11 Boonie Hat.png Boonie Generic.png
5.11 Flag Bearer Cap.png Baseball Cap BR.png Enhanced Field Cap.png 5.11 Flag Bearer Cap Alt.png Reversed Baseball Cap BR.png Beenie BR.png
Facial Appearance
Black Paint F.png Black Paint J.png Black Paint M.png Black Paint P.png Camo Paint F.png
Camo Finger A.png Camo Finger P.png Camo Paint A.png Camo Paint P.png Festus.png
5.11 Burner Sunglasses.png Downcurve Sunglasses.png Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame 2.0.png ESS Crossbow Eyeshield.png
Revision StingerHawk.png Aviator BR.png Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame Alpha.png Revision Hellfly.png
ACH Goggles.png Revision Exoshield.png Oakley SI Ballistic Halo Goggles.png Revision Bullet Ant Goggles BP.png
Half Moon Balaclava.png UA HeatGear Tactical Balaclava.png Sniper Balaclava.png Skull Balaclava.png
Stealth Balaclava.png Ninja Half Mask BR.png Scarf A.png Avon M50 Gasmask.png
OpsCore AMP.png Revision ComCenter2 Headset.png Safariland Liberator IV.png TCI Liberator II Headset.png TCI Patrol II Headset.png
5.11 Tactile Plate Carrier.png 5.11 TacTec Plate Carrier.png Crye AVS.png Crye CPC.png Crye JPC.png
S&S Plate Frame.png Hill's Vest.png BLACKHAWK S.T.R.I.K.E. Vest.png Eagle Industries Chest Rig.png Heavy Gunner Chest Rig.png
Coyote Chest Rig.png 5.11 VTAC LBE Tactical Vest BP.png Safariland P1 Overt Carrier.png Safariland V1 Overt Carrier.png Safariland U1 Overt Carrier.png
Armored Dual Harness Vest.png Marten Chest Rig.png Light Chest Rig.png Low Profile Chest Rig.png Light Carrier Harness.png
Crye G3 Combat Shirt.png Crye G4 Combat Shirt.png SWAT Top.png Crye Compact Assault Ghillie.png
Shirt BR.png Pocket Tee.png Tactical Dry Top.png Army Jacket.png
5.11 Expedition Long Sleeve Shirt.png Rolled-up Sleeves Shirt.png Helikon Tex MK2 Shirt.png Helikon-Tex CPU Shirt.png
Crye G3 Combat Pants.png Crye G4 Combat Pants.png 5.11 Tactical Stryke Pants.png 5.11 Apex Pants.png
BLACKHAWK Lightweight Pants.png Helikon-Tex CPU Pants.png Cargo Pants BR.png Jeans BR.png
Tac Tailor Hydration Pack.png 5.11 All Hazard Backpack.png 5.11 RUSH24 Backpack.png 5.11 AMP24 Backpack.png AMP24.png
BLACKHAWK Cyane Pack.png BLACKHAWK Cyane Pack Tarp.png BLACKHAWK Cyclone Pack.png Crye AVS 1000 Pack.png Crye AVS BR.png
DA Dragon Egg MKII Pack.png Tac Tailor Operator Pack.png US Government Molle II Rucksack.png Hill's Backpack.png 3 Day Assault Pack.png


Operation Kingslayer 2019
Nomad 2019.png Holt 2019.png Midas 2019.png Weaver 2019.png
Other Outfits
Woodland Gear 2019.png Marpat Gear 2019.png Multicam Gear 2019.png Ghillie Gear 2019.png
Fem1.png Fem2.png Fem3.png Fem4.png
Carbon High-Cut Helmet
Carbon High-Cut Helmet.png High Cut + Spec. NVG.png High Cut + Monoc. NVG.png High Cut + Panoramic NVG.png
FAST Ballistic Helmet
FAST Ballistic Helmet.png FAST + Special NVG.png FAST + Monocular NVG.png FAST + Panoramic NVG.png
Wingnut.png Advanced Ballistic Helmet.png ACH Helmet.png Crye Airframe.png Covered ACH.png
Boonie Hat.png Billy's Hat.png Blain's Hat.png Military Beret.png Bandana.png
Baseball Cap.png Reverse Cap.png Patrol Cap.png Polar Fleece Beanie.png Watch Cap.png
Facial Appearance
Commando.png Poncho.png Dutch.png Charlie.png
Tropic Lightning.png Screaming Eagles.png Scott Mitchell Paint.png Pathfinder Paint.png
Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame.png Oakley SI Straight Jacket.png Oakley SI Straight Jacket Fire.png Pointman Specs.png Aviator Sunglasses.png
Rick's Glasses.png Cross Com Glasses.png AR Glasses.png Revision Bullet Ant Goggles.png ESS Ballistic Goggles.png
Two Holes Balaclava.png One Hole Balaclava.png Artillery Balaclava.png One Hole Skull Balaclava.png Skull Ballaclava.png
Bandana Wildlands.png Operator.png Shemagh Wildlands.png Wrapped Shemagh.png Blast Face Shield.png
Guerrilla Mask.png Gas Mask.png CBRN Half Mask.png Half Face Mask.png Trapper Mask.png
Earpiece.png Headset A.png Headset B.png Headset C.png
Molle Harness.png Molle.png 5.11 Tactec Plate Carrier.png 5.11 VTAC LBE Tactical Vest.png
IBA.png Cross Daw Vest.png JPC.png Mayflower APC.png
Vanguard Vest.png Micro Fight Chest Rig.png Tactical Tailor MAV.png ALICE.png
Crye Combat Shirt.png Crye Combat Shirt 2.png Military Zipper Shirt.png Military T-Shirt.png
Double Layer T-Shirt.png T-Shirt.png Infiltrator Shirt.png Polo Shirt.png
Long Sleeve Shirt.png Short Sleeve Shirt.png Business Casual.png Commando Shirt.png
Striped Hoodie.png Tank Tom.png Insulated Sleeveless.png Suns out Guns out.png
ACU Shirt.png Fleece.png Hoodie.png Windblocker Jacket.png
Crye Precision Combat.png Cargo Pants.png 5.11 Tactical.png
5.11 APEX.png Commando Pants.png Jeans.png
Camelbak.png Sapper Pack.png 5.11 All Hazards Prime Pack.png 5.11 Rush72.png 5.11 Rush24.png
Mercenaries.png AN PRC-150.png Y-Strap.png Guerrilla Backpack.png Standard Issue.png



External link - The official name of integrated warfighter system (2014) is Integrated warfighter system 2.0