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The V8-99 Sphinx is a Joint Strike Force helicopter. It is a V-TOL transport, a redesign of the V-22 Osprey. It had windows and an emergency exit and was piloted by two people.

After years of controversy and scrutiny, the tilt-rotor aircraft was finally perfected with the V8-99 Sphinx. The first generation of this aircraft saw action throughout the Middle East and Afghanistan. The V8-99 is the primary light/medium transport aircraft used by the JSF.

It has little noticeable differences compared to the V-22 Osprey. The only obvious ones would be the added fins right next to the wing rotors; and the fact that the wings seem to "fracture" into two parts during VTOL (unlike the V-22, which just changes its rotors positioning).

Ghost Recon

During World War III, a Ghost Recon team led by Captain Alexander Brent used a Sphinx during the operation to hunt the Snow Maiden. It was shot down, but the pilots and soldiers survived.


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