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David "Dave" Zhang, aka Vasily, is a Ghost who was deployed in Auroa as part of Operation Greenstone in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint.



Born in Brooklyn, NYC to a second-generation Chinese-immigrant family, David grew up in a multi-lingual household, where he was raised primarily by his grandmother. He spent his tumultuous teenage years in the New York public school system. Underneath his quiet demeanor was a quick wit and sharp tongue that got him in trouble with the wrong people too often. At 18 he joined the US Army, mostly to prove to others that he was a ‘real American’. His immediate aptitude for precision and long-range combat earned the attention of one of the top marksmen in the 75th Ranger Regiment. He then joined the Rangers at 20 where he further developed his exceptional skillset for marksmanship and ended up top of his sniper school class. He underwent selection to become a member of Ghost Recon at age 26 and was among the youngest to become an operator with the Ghosts.

Vasily tends to be a bit shy and is not very talkative. He is the most emotional member of the team and often finds himself in disagreements with team members. Due to his younger age, he has seen less action than other team members and feels he has a lot to prove.

Vasily tends to be rather quiet. Due to his relative youth and lack of combat experience compared to the other Ghosts, he strives to prove himself to his team. He has few close friends in the military, but when his trust is earned, it lasts a lifetime.

Operation Greenstone

Vasily is one of the few survivors (Nomad, Holt, Fury and Fixit) in the attack by Cole D. Walker and the Wolves.



  • In combat, he uses a Scorpio TCT sniper rifle, an MPX K submachine gun, and a P320 handgun.
  • As of TU 4.00 Vasily uses Armor Piercing Ammo on Drones and Enemy Vehicles dealing massive damage.
  • The Callsign of his is from a WW2 Russian sniper called Vasily Zaytsev with a confirmed kill of 225 enemy soldiers, including snipers. Yet some sources said the number might be 242 or closer to 400.
  • He and Kozak are the only 2 known youngest Ghosts members, yet older than Kozak.
  • he became a ghosts in 2022

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