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Vaughan was a US Army officer who was killed by Cole D. Walker.


Born to an influential family in the United States, Vaughan's father was an unnamed U.S. Senator that frequently spoiled him. Having been initially rejected by the Army Officer Program, his father intervened, and Vaughan was eventually inducted into the program despite major reluctance amongst members of the military hierarchy. Having drawn scorn from his fellow classmates for his incompetence and acceptance owing to nepotism, Vaughan became insecure with his position, and grew increasingly desperate to prove his skills to his colleagues. His incompetence came to a head when he narrowly failed to pass the program.

Once again, his father's influence ensured that he was promoted to an officer nevertheless, once again despite the reservations from members of the military hierarchy.


By 2022, Vaughan had been deployed to Afghanistan to serve a tour. At the request of his father, he was placed in charge of a Ghost team, consisting of Cole D. Walker, Nomad and Josiah Hill. With his incompetence displayed to the special operators, the battle-hardened Walker and novice Vaughan began butting heads over protocol and his ability to lead the team.

Sometime during their tour, Vaughan and his Ghost team successfully captured a prisoner, with the intention of interrogating him. Having spent most of the morning unsuccessfully interrogating the prisoner, Vaughan repeatedly questioned the subject, however, his inability to understand the language drew further scorn from Hill and Walker. Unable to gain any information from the prisoner, Vaughan expressed his frustration to the team, to which Walker mocked him for. Taking over the interrogation, Walker opted for brutality, utilizing his tactical baton to break the prisoner's kneecap. Berating Walker for his actions, an annoyed Walker ignored him, and began to eat his steak.

Following the successful interrogation of the prisoner, Vaughan led his Ghost team into an Afghani village, during which he entered a scuffle with a female villager. Panicking, Vaughan shot the villager, alerting his teammates. Shell-shocked at his actions, Vaughan froze up as Nomad and Walker arrived and confronted him over his actions. Fearing a court-martial, Vaughan panicked, and explained to his subordinates that the villager had a weapon, placing a kitchen knife in one of her hands in full view of his disbelieving comrades.

Having finally lost his patience with Vaughan's incompetence, Walker began insulting his commanding officer's abilities as a soldier, to which Vaughan responded by threatening to notify his father of his insubordination. As Nomad attempted to defuse the situation, he demanded that Vaughan hand over his rifle. As Walker continued mocking his father, an angered Vaughan attempted to shoot Walker to which Nomad was narrowly able to disarm the shell-shocked officer. In a moment of rage, Walker executed his commanding officer, much to Nomad's shock.

Returning to base, Walker and Nomad were forced to report Vaughan's death. With his father demanding a court-martial, the military acquiesced, and subsequently court-martialed Walker with Nomad as the witness to the incident. Already frustrated with the limitations placed upon the military overseas, the subsequent trial led to Walker's disillusionment with the overt political influence within the military. Medically discharged from the armed forces owing to PTSD, Walker went rogue and returned to execute his commanding officer, before gathering like-minded colleagues and forming the Wolves before forming an alliance with Trey Stone and his Sentinel PMC.