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An attack helicopter variant has been fielded by the PLA since the early 1990s as the WZ-9, with pylons fitted for anti-tank missiles. WZ-9 was China's first anti-armor attack helicopter that become operational with People's Liberation Army. It can be armed with the HJ-8A wire-guided ATGMs, or 57mm/90mm rocket pods, or 23mm cannons, or TY-90 IR-guided AAMs.

Harbin Aircraft Manufacture Corporation (HAMC) began to develop an attack variant of its Zhi-9 (Z-9) utility helicopter in the mid-1980s. The prototype was only intended for anti-armor role, carrying a roof-mounted optical sight unit and four HJ-8 anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) under the weapon pylons. This variant first flew in 1987 and the first live test fire of the missile from the helicopter took place in 1989. The formal production variant introduced in the early 1990s incorporated with a range of armaments, including 23mm cannon, 12.7mm machine gun pod, 57/90mm unguided rocket pod, and the TY-90 IR-homing short-range air-to-air missile.Several dozens of the Z-9W attack helicopters were delivered to the PLA Army Aviation Corps 8th Army Aviation Group (Regiment) subordinated to 38th Group Army in Beijing Military Region in the mid-1990s. As a result of the PLA's decision to give high priority to the Army Aviation Corps in its modernisation program, more units have received the Z-9W after 2000. The total number of these helicopter fielded by the PLA is estimated to be 30~40.

The new WZ-19 attack helicopter seems to have retained the aft fuselage and rotor system of the Z-9WA, and is likely to use the same power plant as that of Z-9WA as part of a low risk approach.

In Ghost Recon 2

The WZ-9 was used by North Korean army.


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