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The WZ-551 is a Chinese wheeled armored personnel carrier. It is actually consisted of two families of vehicles with official designations in the People's Liberation Army as Type 90 and Type 92. Roughly 900 WZ-551s are in service with the PLA, where they are used by light mechanized infantry units.


Produced by Norinco, the WZ-551 first appeared in 1984, but the Chinese military were not satisfied with its performance, and the design had to be modified. Modification is mostly concentrated on improving the chassis. The improved WZ-551A entered service in 1995 as the Type 92 IFV and Type 92A APC.

It has a crew of three men, and is fully amphibious, being driven in the water by shrouded propellers. Constructed of welded steel plates, the interior is divided into three compartments. The driver and commander sit in the front, the engine is in the middle, and the passengers, equipment or turret basket is located in the rear. The automotive platform is a modified Chinese-made Tiema XC2030 6X6 truck.

The IFV version is equipped with a ZPT-90 25 mm cannon and a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun in a closed turret and it can carry 9 passengers. The 25x183mmB ZPT-90 is based on the Type 87 anti-aircraft cannon, which is a bored-out version of the Type 85 anti-aircraft cannon, itself is a direct copy of the Soviet 23x152mmB ZU-23-2. Some vehicle are even armed with the Type 87 instead of the ZPT-90. The cannon has a full 360° traverse with an elevation of -8° ~ 55°. Ammunition load for the cannon is 400 rounds, with 200 rounds carried inside the ammunition cartridges, and an additional 200 (120 high-explosive rounds and 80 armour-piercing rounds) carried in the turret. The gun can fire single, 3-round burst, 5-round burst, or fully automatic. The maximum cyclic rate of fire is 200 rounds/min. Secondary weapon is a coaxial 7.62mm Type 86 machine gun with 1,000 rounds. The APC version has only a 12.7 mm machine gun but can carry 11 passengers. Additional versions include anti-tank missile, command, self-propelled artillery, air defense and armored recovery vehicles.

Role in Ghost Recon 2

The WZ551 APC was used by North Korean army.


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