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A rescue mission was conducted by Captain Scott Mitchell's Ghost Team in 2009. After a US SpecOps team and their CIA contacts were ambushed by the Taliban, the three survivors were tracked to a safehouse. Mitchell's team (dressed and armed like Taliban insurgents) was deployed to rescue them. Sergeant Alicia Diaz was the sniper, Sergeant Marcus Brown was the gunner and Staff Sergeant Joe Ramirez with Mitchell were riflemen. They stormed the building and recovered Sergeant "Rutang" McDaniel and the two CIA agents. On the way back to the MH-60K Black Hawk, they were again ambushed by over 100 Taliban fighters who came from a tunnel network. Diaz and Mitchell were forced to make it to a secondary landing zone. Major Susan Grey later questioned Mitchell's decision to get McDaniel onto the chopper first.

While Lieutenant Colonel Harold "Buzz" Gordon watched over the mission in and said he wanted Mitchell in Eritrea for a possible conflict.


  • Mitchell's team field-tested the beta early version of the Cross Com system during the operation, and he recommended to be deployed.