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Below is a full list of all the usable firearms in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Weapons (View Template)
Assault rifles AK-47AK-12AK-74M4A1SC-20KSC-40KMK17G36C416VHSD2A2TAVOR
516553805 BRENAUGSilver Stake TacticalAR-18Resistance ASRARX200MK18ACRAC-ARSR-3MG2FAL
Light machine guns L86A1MK48MG121StonerCTMMG6P41T95
Submachine guns Scorpion EVO 3MP5P90MP7Bullpup PDRUMP45SN-9mmMPXVectorUzi 9mmEchelon SMGHoney Badger
Sniper rifles L115A3M82Recon-A1HTITAC-50ScorpioVSK-50M93SR-1MSRPaladin 9 SNR
Designated Marksman Rifles MK14G28FRF-2Dragunov (SVD)
Shotguns M4M590A1KSG12SASG-12RU12SGBOSG12SPAS-12ACS-12
Handguns M9PX4F405.7 USGP45TUSP TacticalDesert EagleM1911P227P320C-SFP
Sharp ThunderMaxim 9Stainless Extended .45SC IS HDGMK23
Launchers MGL
Gadgets Frag GrenadesSync Shot DroneC4 ChargeMinesStrike DesignatorRocket LauncherEMP GrenadesFlashbangIntel GrenadeBreaching TorchDiversion LureWater CanteenSyringeBinocularsGas Filter (Amber Ruin)UAV Scout DroneDefense Drone (Engineer-class)Supply Drone (Engineer-class)Optical camouflage (Breakpoint)


Tiered Colors

  • (Grey/Black) Standard
  • (Green) Improved
  • (Blue) Advanced
  • (Purple) High-End
  • (Gold) Elite

To view specific tiered loot:


  • Both Gear and Weapons are capped at Level 252 unless playing the Golem Island Raid in that allows you to gather higher levelled loot. This ultimately allows you to venture beyond this level, up to Level 300.



This is the class that uses loud noises and distractions to their advantage. Equipped with a launcher for anti-vehicle purposes, and a general purpose machine gun for anti-personnel purposes. In-game this was represented by Nomad.


Emphasizing stealth above all, the Sharpshooter uses long-range weaponry such as designated-marksman rifles to be able to shoot accurately at extreme distances. In-game this was represented by Vasily (Asian male with a ghillie suit and holds a bolt-action sniper rifle).


As the title suggests, Panthers are quiet and stealthy when attacking, and their loadout reflects this by using mainly submachine guns. In-game this is represented by Fury (White female with scars and uses a Kriss Vector submachine gun).

Field Medic

In-game this appears to be represented by Fixit (Black male with a boonie hat and has a Stoner LMG with a Grip Pod underneath).


  • There is a chance that you'll find more weapons in the shop at the Bivouacs or from looting tactical caches.


Ghost Recon Breakpoint Attachments (View Template)
Standard Muzzles ASR Standard Muzzle • SNR Standard Muzzle • DMR Standard Muzzle • SMG Standard Muzzle • HDG Standard Muzzle • LMG Standard Muzzle • SMG Flash Hider • ASR Suppressor • SNR Suppressor • DMR Suppressor • SMG Suppressor • STG Suppressor • HDG Suppressor • DMR Compensator • HDG Compensator • LMG Compensator • ASR Muzzle Brake • DMR Muzzle Brake • SMG Muzzle Brake • STG Muzzle Brake
Magazines ASR Standard Magazine SNR Standard Magazine • DMR Standard Magazine • SMG Standard Magazine • HDG Standard Magazine • LMG Standard Magazine • STG Standard Magazine • DMR Small Magazine • SNR Extended Magazine
Underbarrels RU Vertical Foregrip • RVG Vertical Foregrip • SHIFT Vertical Foregrip • Grip Pod • Underbarrel Rail • Underbarrel Shotgun
Scopes RU Collimator Sight • RU Long-Range Sight • Dual Range Sight • RU Long-Range FOV Sight • Folding Ironsight, COMPM4 Sight • Panoramic Sight • EXPS3
Rails ATPIALx3 • MAWL-DA • Rail Cover