Wharf is the second co-op campaign mission conducted by the Ghosts.

After the attack on the Command Center, the Ghosts are informed about a small shipping village north of Puerto Sandino where the enemy is storing and selling weapons.


Alright Ghosts, here is the Sitrep. Intercepted radio calls indicate stockpiles of supplies being moved in from the coast, and we have located one of the rebel drop points. Secure the area and find out anything you can.

Map Features

The Wharf looks like the gnarled hand of an old fisherman, with each pier stretching out over the ocean like a bony finger pointing to the one that got away. Situated below a hilltop forest, a crumbling old fort still stands watch over the sleepy village below. But there is no time for slumber tonight. Whether it is flushing out rebel patrols or challenging fellow soldiers to intense war games, the sound of gunfire will echo off the trees and shanties until somebody holds a hard-won victory in their hands.

Mission Objective

The mission at the Wharf requires a mastery of stealth, as the rebels guarding the pier and village are expert shooters and have a complete run of the place. They know all the routes and blind corners - you don’t. To succeed at this mission, the team must be in complete understanding about one key point: patience is more valuable than bravery. So take your time and scout out all enemy placements.



GRAW - Campaign - Mission 02 - Wharf


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