"I'm a Wolf. Raised to be the Alpha. But trained to follow. Alas, the beast can't be tamed that easily. This wild territory is the perfect den for my kind. A free world where I can roam and explore with no end. But I came here on the hunt. Hidden among sheep focused on their superficial dreams. Moving up the food chain step by step, before I dominated them all. With one target always clearly in my sights. To secure the future with technology others developed, but were too fearful to deploy. By tooth and claw, I took this island, and by tooth and claw, I will rule it. The Wolf knows when a predator nears. Can a Ghost take on the lone Wolf? Maybe. Tracking, analyzing, stalking. Patiently. Tirelessly. But there is no place for the weak and the wounded here. We are Wolves."
— Cole D. Walker

The Wolves are a group of rogue Ghost Recon operators with a few outsiders that have taken over Skell Tech's new headquarters on Auroa. In addition to the ex-Ghosts, Sentinel Corp., a private military company, is hired as extra security. They are led by the charismatic rogue Ghost Team Leader, Lieutenant Colonel Cole D. Walker. The Wolves' insignia has a green background with black Wolves logo.


When Walker was promoted to Lt. Colonel and as the secondary commander of the Ghosts, he went rogue, rallied several ex-Ghosts to his side and formed the Wolves. Sometime in 2023/2025, the Wolves took over Auroa, home to Skell Technology, and with the help of Sentinel guarding the island, they took over the entire drone production facilities and started selling autonomous weapon systems to terrorist groups and other corrupt regimes.

When they killed a political candidate using a mini UCAV, the U.S. government and the CIA sent in 32 Ghosts (eight of them in a group) with Nomad as the leader to investigate Auroa under Operation Greenstone. The Wolves took out the four teams and are now hunting the Ghosts who survived their attack, in which they had killed Weaver. While Midas is presumed MIA, Nomad, Vasily, Fixit, Fury and Holt and two unknown ghosts are the only Ghosts who survived the onslaught.


While Walker is the leader and founder of the Wolves, he has Josiah Hill as Second in Command and four lieutenants as Elite Wolves (Rosebud, Silverback, Flycatcher and Yellowleg) joining the fight. Each Wolf lieutenant has a unique, deadly skill set that will present a considerable challenge to even the toughest Ghost. The Ghosts have a small taste of what Flycatcher's deadly drones can do.


They are armed with different types of weaponry such as the TAR-21s, 805 Bren A2s, M-32 MGLs, MK14s, SIG SGs, Kel-Tec KSGs, RAT-4 rocket launchers, etc.

They utilized Skell Tech's military drones to aid their cause and they are Azrael, Murmurs and Aamons, named after different devils from around the world. The Azrael is designed to scan the world from the sky, so it can send a patrol of Wolves to a location if it spots any threats. The Murmurs are a search and destroy machines that can fly up to any position to take down a threat. The Aamons are bulky ground drones that can be heavily armed and armored.

Wolf CampsEdit

Wolf Camps serve as mini bases for the Wolves. They are scattered around the island of Aurora. They are guarded by Wolves, drones and few Sentinel forces, but this can vary depending on the base.


However, there was one "breaking the rules" incident causing Pike, a member of the Wolves to desert and being hunted by his former comrades, until Nomad came to save him.


  • The Wolves' uniforms, appearance, abilities, and masks bear similar appearance to the Hunters and Black Tusk from Tom Clancy's The Division, Mercs from Splinter Cell series, and Bodark, Los Extranjeros and Phantoms of Ghost Recon series. All use highly advanced technology and equipment in the field to gain an edge over their enemies.
  • Some people speculated that Wolves are the predecessors of the Phantoms from the future in 20 years.



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